Department REPI

Full name of departmen: Research Department for scientific expertise, intellectual property and research results introduction.

    Contact information

    10, Bakulin Str.,
    Rooms: 42а / 5, 7, 8

    +38 (057) 702-11-33

    +38 (057) 702-13-01

    Valeryi Pavlovich Prokhorov

    Temp. Acting Head of Department
    Valeriy P. Prokhorov
    Cand. Sc., Senior Researcher

    Main Functions 

    • Collection, analysis and processing of information on creation of scientific-and-technical developments (STD) carried out at the University;
    •  Pursuance of marketing research into innovative products market, STD and technology transfer in priority directions of KNURE and SP REI activity;
    • Support of execution of examination of the previously chosen STD and innovation projects by Council of Experts with the aim of their further realization and submission to the competition of SP REI;
    • Support of protection and lawful use of incorporeal right objects;
    • Investigation and organization of the STD commercialization and technologies transfer by priority directions of the KNURE and SP REI activity;
    • Carrying out of patent research into design solutions offered for drawing up of patent applications and execution of application for acquisition of  patents;
    • Rendering of services in development and drawing up of the innovation projects business plans, ТЭОRP in collaboration with the projects executors;
    • creation of the non-staff group of managers in priority activity directions and working groups for carrying out the projects created in KNURE by which the deeds of partnership were contracted with   SP REI;
    • analysis and search of possible customers and investors for realization of innovation projects of KNURE in collaboration with SP REI;
    • collaboration with SP REI in creation of a business-incubator and other business-structures with the aim to realize innovation projects recruiting students, graduates, post-graduates and scientists;
    • organization and coordination of the University interaction with the cluster “Information-Communication Technologies”, technopark “Slobozhanshchina”, IT-park “Intellectronica” and other establishments, bodies of local government, organs of regional and state administration.