Paid services

List of paid services which can be rendered by Кharkov national university of radio electronics in the sphere of scientific and scientific-technological activity:

  1. performance of research, design , engineering, technological, search and design-research works;
  2. carrying out diagnostics, standardization and certification of technological processes, equipment and materials, metrological support, technical security of information;
  3. performance of research into development of separate fields of national economy and market investigations;
  4.  carrying out of scientific, scientific-technological and other types of expertise in accordance with legal procedure;
  5. design, development and manufacture of experimental samples and investigative batch of materials, substances, devices, equipment;
  6. testing of equipment, constructions, products, substances, materials;
  7. giving consultations on the problems of researches, their organization and scientific support;
  8. information-analytical support of scientific activity;
  9.  introduction of researches results;
  10. ensuring access to local and corporative computer networks, Internet, automated data bases and search systems through segments of local and corporative networks;
  11.  introduction, production and realization of research, industrial, scientific, scientific-technical, innovation products, technique, equipment, devices and equipment made according own technologies;
  12. realization of operations associated with  transfer of the  technologies developed at the cost of the state budget means;
  13. carrying out of laboratory analysis and samples testing, diagnostics of infectious diseases;
  14. technology and research parks activity support;
  15. support of the state standards and specifications development for manufacturing of products, its certification tests;
  16. development of scientific-technical documentation;
  17. licensing of using objects of the intellectual property right;
  18. development and introduction, realization and support of the software aimed at learning, production and research;
  19. organization and holding scientific events (congresses, seminars, conferences, etc.), if not envisaged by the plans of training the staff and do not belong to the activity financed at the expense of the general fund of government and local budgets.