Scientific-practical conference in Crimea

The International scientific-practical conference «Mathematical modeling in economics and management of innovation projects» was held from the 9th to the 15th of  September in Alushta on the basis of pension «Ukoopspіlka». 

The conference is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine by Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics and Kharkiv Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Abstracts for the conference were sent by representatives of 53 organizations from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The conference was attended by 49 people. There were 19 doctors of sciences and professors, 24 Ph.Ds, graduate students and masters among them.

The main theme of the conference were the issues of economic and mathematical modeling of organizational and economic systems of innovative development of enterprises in Ukraine, project and program management, management of financial and economic security of enterprises, the problems of development and exploitation of geographic information systems.

Under the outcome of the conference it has been decided to make greater use of research results in the solution of applied problems, which is expected to continue active involving of representatives of the real sector of the economy and scholars from foreign countries.

It was also decided to continue research in these areas, to make the conference a traditional and hold the next in September, 2014.

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