Results of scientific activity of the University in 2012

The main priority areas of scientific activity in 2012 focused on improving the quality of research and teaching staff of the University, the further development of the process of involvement of innovative technologies and the expansion of international scientific and technical ties.

In general, within the framework of scientific activity in 2012 a number of tasks was solved, including:

  • development of scientific and pedagogical potential, effective usage of it in order to achieve the quality of training of world-class specialists, making a major contribution to solving the problems of the University in the priority research areas of Ukraine;
  • the creation of a modern innovation infrastructure, namely: units on innovation, technology transfer and intellectual property, innovative scientific and educational complexes, student innovative business incubators, the science park “Electronics and Computer Science”;
  • increasing the participation of the University in the international scientific collaboration in solving sectoral and regional scientific and technical problems;
  • formation of innovative projects and scientific and technological developments with market demand based on the results of fundamental research.


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