FRL “Information Technologies Transfer for Disaster Risk Reduction Systems”


Room 521

+38 (067) 546-04-01;

Head of Department
Olexandr Y. Kuzyomin

Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor.

Deputy Head
Vyacheslav Lyashenko

Senior Researcher

Main areas of activity 

1. Situation representation and reuse mechanisms of design decisions when constructing situational centers.

2. Development of methods, models and information technologies of monitoring and post-disaster recovery.

2.1 Development of data mining technology from a database in the process of emergency control.

2.2 Research and development of methods and models of an information and control subsystem for predicting avalanches.

2.3 Research and development of methods and models of time analysis in a subsystem of avalanche forecasting.

3. Development of a sensing system for measuring the blade mode of wind powered stations (with fiber-optic energy and information transmission).

In the areas mentioned above 9 applied research works were performed by the agreement with the joint venture “Computing Devices and Automation Systems” (Moscow – Bishkek) – № DR 0304U004598, 0104U004742, 0104U004740, 0104U002828, 0104U007044, 0106U001077, 0104U008281, 0107U008723, 0304U004598. The research results were implemented in Kyrgyzstan when developing mobile equipment for a situational center.

In the third area an advanced experimental model of a 3-blade wind powered generator was performed under the contract with the Bosch Laboratory. The models successfully passed the customer’s testing. According to research results 8 dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Science (Technology) and one dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science (Technology) were defended.

Work Results under Contract 

Long-term contract with UNILINK since 2008. Databases of Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office Sharepoint systems were developed in accordance with the contract.