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In 2006-2011 PSRL took part in the development of the State target scientific and technical program of creation of the EM, the State’s integrated information system (SIIS) of providing mobile objects that are controlled by  communication, navigation and surveillance and moreover its activities implementation. The Customers of the Project were The Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, the Ministry of infrastructure ofUkraine, the State agency of Ukraine.

Within this event three state budgeted scientific research works and three contractual non-budget works were presented. The project of standard Regional Information and Analytical System of traffic monitoring and management was also developed by the SRL SNI. This project was supposed to be realized inKharkovregion as a pilot scheme with the assistance of the Ukrainian Ministry of infrastructure and the Kharkov City Executive Committee.

Within execution of MAO NASU order in 2007-2010, the SRL SNI took part in the presentation of three projects on creation and improvement of collecting system and network processing of Global Navigation Satellite System observations (GNSS). Within these projects, the resolution and calculation of technologies, algorithms and software for the GNSS carrier phase ambiguity of zenith tropospheric is delaying.

At present time, on behalf of KhNURE, the SRL SNI participates in an internationonal project themed «EGNOS extension toEastern Europe: applications (EEGS2)», which is carried out within the projects of FP7 from 2012 until 2013.

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