SRL for Satellite Navigation and Infocommunication (SRL SNI)

The Scientific research Laboratory of Satellite Navigation and Info communications (SRL SNI) part of SRC IIREST and are in functioned since 2006.

Contact іnformation

building «Г», room 220-6 

+38 (057) 702-15-32

Fax: +38 (057) 702-14-72

Head of the Laboratory
Alexander M. Lukyanov 

Senior Research Scientist. 

Alexander I. Dokhov

Scientific Adviser 
Alexander I. Dokhov

Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD).

Main scientific areas

  • investigation and development of technologies using information from satellite radionavigation and from autonomous navigation systems, for solving problems of mobile objects navigation and positioning for geodetic applications and other;
  • investigation and development of automated systems of mobile objects control and monitoring on the basis of using satellite navigation technologies and equipment, integrated with means of radiolocation surveillance and telecommunications;
  • investigation and development of automated information navigation telecommunication systems of transport, control and monitoring;
  • investigation and development of means and techniques of radionavigation systems and interference protection.

Participating in Young Specialists Training

Carrying out pregraduation practice, supervision of diploma projects (works) elaboration for acquiring “master” and “specialist” qualifications.

International Cooperation

Participating ventures such as «EGNOS extension toEastern Europe: applications (EEGS2)», one of the FP7 projects.