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Since 2009, works on creation of the “State integrated information system providing the moving objects control RC IIREST” have been carried out according to the order #1043 of 17.11.08 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the state budget theme #240 «The investigations in constitutive subsystems for observation, monitoring, navigation and telecommunications of the state integrated information system providing moving objects control”  had been implemented in 2009–2010. According to the order #1177 of 30.11 2010 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the state budget theme #263 “Perspective technologies and means for observation, navigation and radio monitoring in integrated information dynamic objects control systems”  is currently carried out (2011-2012).

The PRL ROS has developed and completed the state budget theme #240-1 which enacts “The development of methods and algorithms for space, time and space-time signal processing in unified radar observation systems of new generation”. The state budget theme #263-1 “Digital systems, based on signal processors and programmable integral circuits, for adaptive space time radar signal processing against the background of interferences”  has been carried out by PRL ROS.

According to the order # 765 of 21.08.08 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, in 2010–2012 together with the Chair of Radio Electronics of the Kharkiv National Aviation University and the Chair of Electromagnetics of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, the PRL ROS have carried out the complex project, themed “The development of the first domestic ground-based coherent weather radar” (the state budget theme #252-1).

 In 2009 – 2010, to order of the State Enterprise “Scientific-Research Institute of Radar Systems “Kvant” (SE SRI “Kvant”), PRL ROS  had carried out technical constitutive projects of design projects  „ Phoenix–Х” and „Protazan–Х” directed to creation of interference protected shipboard radiolocation systems for ships of “corvette” type.

In 2008 – 2010, to order of the Research And Production Corporation Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant  (RPC “LEMP”) (Moscow), had carried out two researches “Meteo-Х” and “Метео-ХС”, related to creation of the first Russian Doppler weather radar  DMRL-С (http://www.lemz.ru/goods/metrls/dmrlc/).

In the course of these researches, substantiated, developed and investigated had been:

  • principles of probing given variable time intervals;
  • algorithms for radial speeds of meteorological formations in given resolution elements of the observation zone to be extracted from estimates of phases of interperiod correlation factors of reflections formed by finite training samples;  
  • algorithms for estimation of speeds unimodal Doppler spectra by estimates of these correlation coefficient modules;  
  • algorithms for estimation of meteorological objects intensity (reflectability);
  • a recurrent procedure for estimation of meteorological objects parameters;
  • rejector filters on the basis of adaptive lattice filters (ALF) for clutter rejection.

  Main research results are used by RPC “LEMP” in the first Russian Doppler weather radar DMRL-C.


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