Problem Research Laboratory of Radar Observation Systems (PRL ROS)

Since 2006 the PRL ROS has worked as a sub department of the Research Centre of Integrated Information Radio Electronic Systems and Technologies (RC IIREST), incorporated in RDD KNURE. 


Room №3

+38 (057) 702-17-35

+38 (050) 325-22-87, +38 (067) 571-29-98


Valery Ivanovich Zaritsky

Head of laboratory
Valerii I. Zarytskiy

candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher, scientific secretary AS ARE.

Room №220-1

+38 (057) 702-11-38

+38 (093) 676-39-14

David Isaakovich Lekhovitsky

Research manager
David I. Lekhovytskiy

chief researcher, doctor of technical sciences, Professor. 

Main scientific directions 

  • Adaptive space time signal processing against the background of interferences in different purpose radiolocation systems.
  • Clutter, jamming and combined interference protection of different wave band RLSs.
  • “Superresolving” space-time spectral analysis.
  • Direction-finding of different origin radiation sources.
  • Measurements of meteoradar signal parameters in Doppler meteorological radars.
  • Antenna theory and techniques.
  • Definition of refraction properties of the planetary boundary layer with the help of radioelectronic means using   sound radiation. 

Main developments

  • Multi-purpose digital systems for space-time signal processing against the background of interferences for different purpose RLS on the basis of adaptive lattice filters.
  • Development of algorithms of meteorological signals parameters estimation for the Doppler meteorological radar.
  • Statistical antenna theory.
  • Acoustic and radioacoustic sounding of the planetary boundary layer from the Earth surface. 

Cooperation in 2012 with:

SE SRI “Kvant” (Kyiv)

The PRL ROS is carrying out a constitutive part of the design project “Phoenix-X” „The development of the working engineering documentation for production of the prototype model of the adaptive jamming compensation module” for the “Phoenix-Y” RLS.

Research manager  D.I. Lekhovitskiy.

GE SPC “Iskra” (Zaporizhzhya)

The research of “The development and substantiation of recommendations on construction of the system for space-time signal processing for the meter wave band radar with the digital processing of antenna array output signals”.

Research manager  D.I. Lekhovitskiy

National Aviation University (Kyiv) and V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University  (Kharkiv)

The complex project, themed “The development of the first domestic ground-based coherent weather radar”.

Research manager  D.I. Lekhovitskiy