PRL of electronic and unconventional energy technologies

The problem research laboratory of electronic and unconventional energy technologies (PRL EUCET) was founded according to Rector’s order №89 of 13.04.2005 on the basis of the research laboratory of microwave technologies (RLMT), which was incorporated in the SRC.RLMThad carried out researches, directed to the development of microwave technologies. At the moment of foundation of the PRL EUCET, it already possessed developments in the field of microwave technologies for drying of casein raw material, gypsum, seeds and food. The PRL EUCET has extended its directions to scientific activities, in particular, in the field of the development of novel technologies in the alternative energetics.

Employees: 11 workers including 1 doctor of sciences and 3 candidates of sciences. 


Building “D”, office  220-2

+38 (057) 702-14-72

Aleksander Ivanovich Tolstykh

Head of laboratory
Aleksander Ivanovich Tolstykh 

senior researcher. 

Building “G”, office 5

+38 (057) 702-18-09

Aleksander Ivanovich Dokhov

Research manager of laboratory
Aleksander Ivanovich Dokhov

candidate of technical sciences, Professor, Chief of the the Research & Development Department KNURE, Acting President of the International Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus).

Scientific directions of laboratory

  • Development of novel technologies based on combined action of microwave electromagnetic power and other kinds of energy on materials and objects.
  • Creation of perspective microwave techniques for the processing of food, agricultural and other kinds of production and different purpose materials.
  • Development of novel technologies in the field of alternative energetics.
  • Automation of technological processes control in the alternative energetics,  the increase in the efficiency of its use.

Main developments of PRL EUCET

  1. Modernized sample of the technological complex for city sewage sludge utilization and production of alternative biofuel on its basis.
  2. Cavitation heat-generator.
  3. Experimental sample of microwave multi-functional convection plant for products drying (UMWC-1).
  4. Experimental sample of the equipment for resonance magneto-acoustic heat-carrier processing for heating systems.
  5. Technology for reduction of sulfur content in liquid hydrocarbons

For the alternative biofuel, according to current legislation, the Technical conditions  ТУ В 24.1-02071197-001:2009 “ Alternative Biofuel ABF” are approved. For the cavitation heat-generator the Technical conditions ТУ В 28.3-02071197-002:2011  “Cavitation heat-generator CHT -2-185”are approved.

The developments bases on works and technologies developed and patented by the PRL collective.

PRL of electronic and unconventional energy technologies