Nikolay M. Kalyuzhniy

Research manager and Head of the laboratory, Technical Director of Scientific and Technical Centre of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics (AS ARE), Cand. Sc. (Technology), Senior Researcher, Academician of the AS ARE.
Nikolay M. Kalyuzhniy

+38 (057) 702-10-68

Additional info

Born in 1948


Graduated from the Physical Faculty of the Saratov State University and Academic Advanced Training Courses for the Governing Body of the Military Engineering Radio Technical Academy of Anti-Aircraft Defense (MERTA AAD).

Scientific work

Fields of scientific interests:

  • theory and techniques of the space-time signal processing under conditions of the a priori uncertainty;
  • principles, methods, technical ways for building radio monitoring and barrage jamming systems and means, estimation of their efficiency;
  • the complex processing of the signal  and co-ordinate information about radio electron-object situations.