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FRL RMRTDP functions according to by Rector’s order №39 of 23.01.08 as a separate state budget unit incorporated in the Scientific Research Centre of Integrated Information Radio Electronic Systems and Technologies (SRC IIREST) RDD KNURE.  

During its existence (since 2008), owing to the persistent and active work of the laboratory staff,  FRL RMRTDP has successfully taken part in tenders and received orders to accomplish economic treaties from Ministries and organizations of Ukraine.

In 2008-2010, the staff of FRL RMRTDP had carried out works on creation of the automated information-analytic system (IAS) “Resource-U” (Treaties №29 of 27.06.08; №20 of 25.05.09; №16 of 31.05.10) to order of the State Department on Telecommunications and Informatization of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Ukraine. The software and databases are installed and function now in the server of the State Telecommunications of Ukraine at: http://stc.gov.ua, and is also available at the European Telecommunication Administration website: http://www.ero.dk (menu item: CEPT Administrations/National Frequency Tables) with the aim to automate the processes of planning, information and international co-ordination in the field of the radio frequency resource regulation and management of Ukraine with the help of Internet.

The practical use of IAS “Resource-U” by both radio frequency authorities of different levels and communication operators allows increasing significantly the efficiency of the Ukraine radio frequency resource planning and management, as well as the efficiency of interaction with the International Communication Union, foreign communication administrations, national and foreign users. The developed approaches and products make it possible to automate the processes of effective planning and management of radio frequency resource in any country of three Radio Frequency Regions of the world.     

In collaboration with the “Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Radio and TV” SE (Treaty №1/19 of 02.06.08), the investigations of the effective use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine by special users were carried out. Materials of the completed research are taken as a principle for the “Concept of the State Program for the Effective Ukraine Radio Frequency Resource Management with the Use of Promising Radio Technologies” (the order №1189-p of 10.09.08 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine).

In 2010 FRL RMRTDP carried out the research “Development of Indicators for Estimation of the Radio Frequency Monitoring System (RFMS) Efficiency” (Treaty №201 of 07.06.2010) according to order of the “Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies” (SE UCRF). As a result of the research, the estimation methodology is proposed; the procedure of the RFMS efficiency estimation is developed; the functional software (FSW) is developed; the directions are defined and recommendations are developed as to the system efficiency increase on the basis of the carried out complex estimation. 

In 2011, in accordance with the UCRF order, PRL RMRTDP carried out the research (Treaty №11/09 of 14.06.11) on development of procedures and took measurements of the main parameters and performance of radio receivers of the radio monitoring stations of АIК type as well as of the compact monitoring system UMS. The indicated procedures are originally developed in Ukraine in accordance with the international standards and in conformity to the world analogs.

The obtained results are realized and have been used both at UCRF and at “Spetsvuzavtomatika” KSVD-2 both for certification of the automated control systems under development and metrological testing of the existing ones of АIК and UMS100 types at the places of their operation.

In 2009 the staff of PRL RMRTDP joined in the research carried out by RDD KNURE in the frames of the state budget applied research themes in accordance to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine order (“Applied Researches and Developments in Directions of Scientific and Technical Activities of Universities and Scientific Organizations” CPC 2201040). During 2009-2010 the investigations and substantiation of ways for creation of the radio monitoring subsystem to be incorporated in the State integrated information system accomplishing the moving objects control were carried out. 

The scientific novelty of the work consists in development of the conceptual foundations for creation of the radio monitoring subsystem to increase the efficiency of the integrated information system functioning providing the moving objects and their safety control based on efficient radio frequency resource management, and to meet electromagnetic compatibility conditions for radio electronic means. 

Furthermore, the requirements to the elements of the subsystem for radio monitoring of moving object radiation sources and of the radio control results are developed, as well as the proposals on this system further development and integration into the Integrated State Radio Frequency Monitoring System of Ukraine.

The obtained results will contribute to the successful creation of the radio frequency monitoring subsystem when realizing the special-purpose scientific and technical program for creation of the “State Integrated Information System Providing Moving Objects Control” approved by the resolution №834 of 17.09.08    of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In 2011-2012 PRL RMRTDP was actively engaged in researches aimed at creation of the software for simulation-mathematical modeling of effective multi-level systems for recognition of signals, radiations, radiating sources and objects. 

At the moment the result of the works consists in the development of the simulation-mathematical model of radio electronic situation, which makes it possible to simulate paths of moving objects and radiation sources close to realistic ones, their operating regimes, parameters of signals and radiations.

The simulation-mathematical modeling of the recognition efficiency is carried out depending on the measurement accuracy of radiations chosen as signal features and on decision making algorithm size, kind and performance, etc.

The procedure for defining the most informative signal features is developed, which makes it possible to form the most effective composition of the working dictionary of recognition features.

Scientific novelty of the obtained results consists in creation of the simulation-mathematical model of radio electronic situation and definition of the influence of measured radiation parameters accuracy, size, structure and informativity of the working recognition features dictionary, completeness and truth of the a priori data, decision making algorithms kind and performance on the recognition efficiency of radiations, their sources and objects.  

The employees of the laboratory have inventor’s certificates; their works were published in scientific periodicals in Ukraine and abroad.

FRL RMRTDP has actively participated in scientific forums, conferences and symposia in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, the laboratory employees have received the following awards: 

  • Diploma for active participation in the Fifth International Specialized Exhibition “Equipment and Systems for Radio Monitoring. State-of-the-art and Outlook”, 9.09.2009 (Kyiv);
  • Diploma of the finalist of the international competition of innovation projects “Kharkiv Initiatives”, 17.09.2010 (Kharkiv);
  • Diploma for the best presentation at the conference “Modern Information Electronic Technologies” MIET 2010, 28.05.2010 (Odessa);
  • Diploma of the IX International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Ecology EMC-2011, 14.09.2011 (Saint-Petersburg, RF);
  • Diploma and commemorative present of the XVIII International Scientific and Technical Conference “Radiolocation, Navigation, Communications” RLNC-2012, 19.04.2012 (Voronezh, RF);
  • Diploma of the XVI International Youth Forum “Radio Electronics and Youth in XXI century”, 19.04.2012 (Kharkiv).


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