Radio Astronomy Research Laboratory of B.L. Kashcheev

The B.L. Kashcheev Radio Astronomy Research Laboratory of KHNURE operates as a division of KHNUREs scientific research departments (SRD) (following the KHNURE Rector Order № 138 from the 5th.  June 2007).


room 613-A, Building "I"

+38 (057) 700-22-84

Voloshchuk, Yuri Ivanovich

Head of the department 
Voloshchuk, Yuri Ivanovich 

professor of the KNURE "Network Communications" Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Main research directions 

  • Observation of meteors in the earth atmosphere and meteoroids as consistent in the Solar system with radars.
  • Development of radar facilities and methods of meteor research.
  • Application of radar methods, tools, approaches, as well as results of radar observations in the solution of modern astronomy problems, Radio Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology and Cosmogony.
  • Studies of meteor complexes and small bodies in the Solar system.
  • Genetic relationships of small bodies in the Solar system, hazards of asteroid comets.
  • Databases in meteor astronomy.

Major developments 

  • Advanced KHNURE electronic database of meteor orbital data.
  • New methods of cluster analysis of the asteroids orbital data of comets and meteoroids, which take into account the cause-effect relationships in the dynamics of the interplanetary solid component in the Solar system. Generate algorithms for implementing this method.
  • The algorithm of estimating the probability of loss on the earth surface, concerning identified parent bodies of meteor streams.
  • Algorithms accounting the selectivity factors for interpretation of meteor data.
  • Programs and algorithms for calculating velocities and orbits of meteoroids and meteor streams with function of building the set of distributions.