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The Scientific-Research Centre of Airspace Control, Electronic Technologies and Testing (SRC ACETT) was founded in 1998 under leadership of Aleksander Dokhov, and according to  Rector’s order #89 from 13.04. 2005, reorganized and named Scientific Research Centre of Integrated Information and Radio Electronic Systems Technologies (SRC IIREST). One of the main aims of the centre is the creation of a scientific subdivision, in order to implement the scientific co-ordination and carry out investigations, related to realization of the governments special-purpose on scientific and technical programs for creation of governmental integrated information systems, that provide moving objects control (telecommunications, navigation, monitoring). The Program was approved according to the resolution #834 from 17.09.2008 enacted by the Ukrainian Cabinet Council, whereas the KNURE was approved as a scientific coordinator of its realization.

A majority of the state budget and economic treaties have been directed to the realization of the state program SRC IIREST.

In 2011 a scientific collective from the SRC IIREST carried out the state budget research #1/2011 themed “The development of projects for creation typical regional information-analytical centre for State integrated information systems, providing moving objects control and main principles of its interaction with the Main Information-Analytical Centre”.

From 2009 the centre (as a main developer) has been carried out the following project: “Development of the first domestic ground-based coherent weather radar“, in cooperation with the National University V.N.Karazin Kharkiv and theNationalAviationUniversity.

From 2011 the centre has carried out the research about “The development of the first domestic pulse-Doppler weather radar”. Simultaneously, according to the order of special Ministries, establishments and other organizations, the scientific collective has carried out a number of scientific and technical developments and projects, in particular:

  • Design project on interference protection of a shipboard radiolocation system within the limits of the State  special-purpose defense program for building ships of “corvette” type;
  • Project on information-navigation systems for autotransport control and traffic parameters analysis (INSACA);
  • Project on regional information-analytical systems (RIAS) for autotraffic monitoring  and organization;
  • Participation in the project “EGNOS extension toEastern Europe: applications (EEGS2)” within the frames of FP7;
  • The development of software for efficiency and estimation of the radiofrequency resource management in the state;
  • automation of processes of frequency allotment and distribution between radio services,  users and radio electronic means (REM);
  • the development of expert systems for estimation of radio electronic and object surroundings by the information of passive and active observation means  for radio monitoring systems;
  • development of expert systems for active and passive air traffic control; collection, processing, analysis and display  of  differently based transport flows;
  • development of systems and means of radiotechnical monitoring of radiation, etc.

Within the frames of the program on power-saving issues, the SRC IIREST collective has developed the innovation project themed “Development and manufacturing of the experimental-industrial samples of a technological complex for sewerage sludge utilization and production of the alternative biofuel on its basis”. This project passed through the competition of the Ukrainian Ministry of housing and communal services (HCS) according to the order # 49 from 11.06.2007 of Minister HCS Popov O.P.

This project has taken part in competitions of innovation projects several times. It was awarded at the All-Ukrainian competition “Innovation breakthrough –2009”. In 2011 it came in first at the city competition of investment projects “Kharkiv is the city of perspectives”

Currently, the SRC IIREST collective produces together with the utility company “Kharkivvodokanal” a modernized sample of a technological complex for sewage sludge utilization and production of the alternative biofuel on its basis, in order to install it for experimental exploitation at this company.

Scientific and technical cooperation

 SRC IIREST exchange experience consist not only in participation by common works, scientific and technical conferences, workshops, forums and meetings, but also by keeping scientific contacts  with other organizations and establishments in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, the SRC IIREST holds scientific contacts with:

  • NormalUniversity(Jinan,Shandong, P.R.China)
  • Shandong Baichuan Tongchuang Energy Co., Ltd (Shandong, P.R.China);
  • Southwest Institute of Electronics Technology (Chengdu, P.R.China);
  • HarbinEngineeringUniversity(Harbin, P.R.China); 
  • Main Astronomical  Observatory NASU (Kyiv); 
  • Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant  RPC (RF,Moscow);
  • Eleron FSUE SNPO (RF,Moscow);
  • Iskra GE  (Zaporizhzhya);
  • Kvant SRI (Kyiv);
  • KharkivUniversityof the Air Forces (Kharkiv);
  • NationalAviationUniversity(Kyiv);
  • “System&Service” SPE (Kharkiv);
  • A. N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems NAS ofUkraine(Kharkiv)
  • A.Y. Usikov Institute of Radiophysica and Electronics NAS ofUkraine(Kharkiv)
  • Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology NASU
  • Scientific-Research Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements (R & D), Inc.
  • Space Research Institute;
  • “Kharkivvodokanal” CE (Kharkiv) and other enterprises and organizations.

When training highly skilled specialists, the SRC IIREST keeps contact with theHamburg-HarburgTechnicalUniversity(Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg).  

The research results, presented in numerous publications have constituted the basis for patents and inventions. They have been conducted by means of state budget and economic orders.

In 2011the results of only one scientific work was given to a monograph, published abroad.  Over more three articles were published in foreign periodicals, twenty scientific articles were published in Ukrainian periodicals. Four presentations were hold at international conferences and nine presentations at scientific conferences inUkraine. Also the centre got six patents and submitted four applications for patents.

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