Scientific-research centre of integrated infromation and radio electronic systems technologies (SRC IIREST)

The Scientific-Research Centre of Airspace Control, Electronic Technologies and Testing (SRC ACETT) was founded in 1998 under leadership of Aleksander Dokhov, and according to  Rector’s order #89 from 13.04. 2005, reorganized and named Scientific Research Centre of Integrated Information and Radio Electronic Systems Technologies (SRC IIREST).


office 3, 5, building “G”, 
office 220, building “D”

+38 (057) 702-18-09

Dokhov Aleksander Ivanovich

Research manager of SRC IIREST
Dokhov Aleksander Ivanovich 

candidate of technical sciences, Professor, Chief  of Research&Development Department KNURE, Acting President of the International Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics 

Main scientific directions

  • Adaptive space-time radar signal processing against the background of interferences;
  • Super separate space-time spectral analysis of radar signals;
  • Methods for the space-time processing of meteorological radiolocation signals in Doppler weather radars of new generation;
  • Statistical antenna theory;
  • Technologies for using the data of space radio navigation and autonomous navigation systems;  Information navigation-telecommunication systems and technology of moving objects control;
  • Methods for receiving coordinate and non-coordinate information from different nature radiating sources;
  • Methods for optimization ofUkraine’s radiofrequency resource planning and management;
  • Formation of databases and relevant software for radiomonitoring systems;
  • Development of novel energy-saving technologies on the basis of using combined action  of different physical nature fields, including those in the field of alternative energetics.

Centre structure

SRC IIREST incorporates four Problem research laboratories:

  • Radar Observation Systems;
  • Space navigation and infocommunications;
  • Radiomonitoring and radiotechnical information processing;
  • Electronic and unconventional energy technologies.