Laboratory of VCTS

The main activities of the Laboratory are group video conferencing in IP networks with the information transmission speed of 2 МBit/sec applying modern technologies and techniques.


    Room 336

    Olexandr I. Tsopa

    Head of the Laboratory
    Olexandr I. Tsopa

    Professor, Dr. Sc. (Technology)

    Main activities

    The university research laboratory of “Video Communication Technologies and Systems” was created in 2006 for implementing into studies innovative teaching techniques, increasing effective communication with universities, enterprises and institutions of Ukraine and other countries. The Laboratory reports to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of KhNURE.

    The Laboratory is equipped with:

    • high-speed symmetrical Internet access via WiMAX radio technology of IEEE 802.16d standard and fibre-optic line of the Ukrainian academic network (URAN);
    • Polycom VSX7000s video conferencing system;
    • CD (DVD) disks video recording and high definition video information display on a TV screen (32 inches);
    • over-head projector with the screen for presentation display;
    • Wi-Fi network of IEEE 802.11n standard.

    Total area of the Lab: 50 m2; conference table: 2х4 m;
    Number of seats at the table: 12;
    Total number of workplaces in the Lab: 24; Wi-Fi zone.

    Research activities

    Laboratory research is concentrated on research and development in the field of multimedia information transmission, processing and security in wire and wireless channels of communication systems.

    International cooperation

    The Laboratory takes part in organizing video conferencing for different projects in the framework of international cooperation with other universities and institutions. Video conferencing has already been done with 20 universities of Ukraine and Europe.