The Technical Department

The Department controls exploitation of buildings, constructions and engineering services. It coordinates the communication between the city and the university community services, plans implementation and monitoring of capital and current repairs, monitors the state of the structures of buildings, roofs, utilities: electricity, heat, water, gas, sewerage, elevator equipment, fire and security alarm systems, computer networks, video surveillance. Also, it prepares buildings and communications to the autumn-winter period.


    «D» building, room 1d

    +38 (057) 702-16-60

    Nina A. Sukhova

    The Head of the Technical Department
    Nina A. Sukhova

    Онацкий Василий Викторович

    Главный энергетик, (ком. 135 корпус «В», тел. 702-15-66).


    Пискунов Александр Анатольевич

    Главный механик, (ком. 3д корпус «Д», тел. 702-15-66).

    The department includes repair and construction section on repairing engineering services, training and laboratory complexes, student dormitories.

    The department receives permissions for capital construction, renovation of buildings, documents for the privatization of land, buildings and constructions of the University, developes measures to economical consumption of fuel and energy resources, oversees the handling of solid wastes, emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

    Chief power engineer provides uninterrupted power supply of teaching and student dormitories, serves the electrical equipment of the University.

    Service of chief mechanic provides uninterrupted work of power, heat, water, gas, sewerage, elevator facilities.

    The Technical Department