Evgeny A. Krasnokutskiy has been a pro-rector on administrative work of KNURE since 1997.


    +38 (057) 702-13-18


    Evgen O. Krasnokutskyi

    Pro-rector on administrative work
    Evgeny A. Krasnokutskiy 

    +38 (057) 702-10-05


    Grigory V. Vedmed

    The Chief Engineer
    Grigory V. Vedmed

    The tasks to be solved by the leadership of administrative part of the University are:

    • technical support of the educational, research processes,  development of material and technical base of the university,
    • equipping units of the university with modern technical means and technologies
    • control works to prevent and repair of power networks and facilities,
    • reducing costs of fuel and energy resources in the framework of the program on energy saving,
    • development and providing a high level of functioning of the social infrastructure of the University (Campus, a complex of dining rooms, a dispensary, a cultural center for foreign students).