Nataliia Volodymyrivna Chorna

Nataliia Volodymyrivna Chorna

Chorna Nataliia Volodymyrivna (1957–2014) – head of the Department of Ukrainian Science since of December 2010 till the 6 of October 2014, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, professor KNURE.

In 1979 professor Chorna graduated from historical faculty of the Kharkiv national university (nowadays V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University). She has been working as senior laboratory assistant, head of educational and methodical assistant at KNURE since 1982.
In 1989 she started working as assistant.
Chorna N.V. studied at graduate course in KhNU. In 1998 she defended the dissertation on candidates degree of historical sciences on a speciality 07.00.01 – history of Ukraine.
Since 1996 she has been working on posts like senior lecturer, associate professor of philosophy department in KNURE.
From 01.09.2007 till 01.12.2010 she worked as a professor at philosophy department.
Chorna was selected among other candidates as head of the Department of Ukrainian Culture, History and Language in 2010.

Chorna N.V. is a member of academic council in KNURE, academic council of faculty of training of foreign citizens (FTFC), has an academic title of associate professor (since 2001) and an academic title of the professor of university (since 2007).

Chorna N.V is a leading lecturer on disciplines like “Political science” “History of Ukraine”, “History of the Ukrainian culture”, “Political problems of a modern society”, “Political and economic history of foreign countries” for foreign students.

Scientific interests: history of a political science, political processes of the present, statehood’s transformation in information epoch.
She works on a doctoral thesis "The Statehood in information еpoch: philosophical and historical analysis of transformations (the Ukrainian context)».
Scientific and technical achievements: takes part in research works which are at the expense of the state budget. She supervises over scientific researches of the students who take part in competitions of student’s scientific researches; international, all-ukrainian, conferenes and conferences between universities, she was awarded by diplomas and certificates of honour for the best reports.

She has more than 90 printing publications (sections in 4 collective monographies, scientific articles, thesis of reports at conferences of different level). She also a co-author of text-books: “Political science” (2005), “Political science” (2007), «Political science: a credit-modular course» (2011), «History of the Ukrainian culture» (2012) (3 from them with signature stamp Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine), 3 text-books for distance learning of students (in system LERSUS), 12 methodical recommendations.

Chorna N.V is a member of the Kharkiv regional public organisation «Association of political scientists of Slobozanshchina», the Ukrainian association «Women in science and education».

Chorna Natalia Volodymyrivna died the 6 of October 2014.
Students will remember her as a talented teacher that could interest them in their disciplines find an individual approach to each of them, instills a love to native history. Colleagues and friends will always remember Natalia Volodymyrivna friendly, energetic person loading positive people with she worked.