The history of the department

The history source of the Ukrainian science department goes back to time of creation of our University (former Kharkov Building Institute) at the beginning of the 30-ty XX century. During its existence the department changed its name many times, but on the 07.07.1993 be order №80 its name became Ukrainian science department, which was headed by professor, candidates of historical science A.Z. Dyumin.

Since of December 2010 till the 6 of October 2014 N.V. Chorna, candidates of historical science, professor was the head of the department. Since the 07 of October 2014 V.L. Tsyhanenko, assistant professor, candidate of philological science is the head of the department.

During its activity educational subjects, which were taught by our lectures changed, professor lectures stuff and assistance-teaching stuff changed as well. The structure of the department was changed but the main trend remained teaching scientific and education work.

Now 11 men work at the department, 6 of them are candidates of science (PhD). Lectures of the department work at training appliances, methodological recommendation as well as for a distant form of education in Lersus system. At present great attention is given to the improvement of educational programs and developing new special subjects of studies according to students selection.

Since 2011 the theme of “Ukrainian State System Evolution” has been researched. The lectures of the department take an active part in international, all-Ukraine, interinstitutes and all-university scientific conferences researching present-day problems of Ukrainian sciences subjects, development of education in Bologna process.

Methodological seminar which plays very important place in methods improvement of educational wok of our lectures, in preparing the training appliances, scientific articles works constantly at the department. Senior lectures A.V. Serhieva, assistant O.H. Makhonina, assistant N.O. Ochkurova work at candidate theses.

Lectures of the department manage student scientific work. The students takes part in International contest of the Ukrainian language names after P. Yatsuk, International language – literature contest named after T. Shevchenko, conferences of different levels.

Thanks to variety in the activities department takes an important place in university structure and helps qualitative training, the future specialists.

Endeavoring the best way to promote the development of historical and cultural student consciousness philological studio “Colors of word” and historical studio work on the base of the department, we have annual Shevchenko celebrations, events dedicated to celebrated dates and make feasts in honor of prominent figures of Ukrainian history and culture.

The tasks of the department at present time consist in cultivating the future specialists skills of scientific analyses directed to ensure independent comprehension of historic development conformity, stages of Ukrainian ethnogenes formation, historical conceptions, state institutes, political processes, summarizing and systematization culture science knowledge, state language popularization in all spheres of social life.

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