The ukrainian science department

The Ukrainian science department was founded on the basis of the Faculty of Computer Science is based on preparation of subjects on disciplines of a socially- humanitarian cycle. In february 2012 the department is joined the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training.


61166, Kharkiv, Lenina av., 14

Corps of “I”, 6 floor, room 603

+38 (057) 702 14 98

Acting Head of the Department:

Viktoria L. Tsiganenko


The following subjects are taught: “History of the Ukrainian culture in a global context”, “Culture of oral and written business communication” for students full-time and extra mural forms of education; “History of Ukrainian Culture”, “The Ukrainian language by a professional orientation” for students extra mural form of education, “History of the Ukrainian culture in a global context”for foreign studentson Russian;“The modern Ukrainian literature language, rhetoric, speech culture, special terminology” for post-graduate students.
Teachers of the department actively prepare students to participate in international, Ukrainian, university-wide scientific and practical conferences.The students annually takes part in olympiads, international competition expert of Ukrainian language name after P. Yatsyk, international literary and linguistic competition of pupillary and students name after T. Shevchenko.
The Ukrainian science department since 2011annually takes place interuniversity student scientific and practical conferences.Since 2013 the department held conferencesin International Youth forum “Radioelectronics and Youth in XXI century”.

The department works a historical scientific student's circle (director O.H. Makhonina) and philological studio "Brightness of word" (director A.V. Serhiieva , I.V. Kryvushkina ).