The Department provides pre-university training for foreign students in such subjects as: Higher Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry, Drawing, Country Studies, Economic Geography and Essentials of Economics.

Since 2010 the Department of Natural Sciences has been teaching Advanced Calculus, Physics, Algorithmization and Programming, Engineer and Computer Graphics for 1st- and 2nd-year students.

International scientific conferences are organized by the Department in order to involve youth in scientific activities. The teachers of the Department developed a new unique technique of teaching disciplines in multi-language groups of foreign students. The teaching staff of the Department has a good command of colloquial English and French languages.

Scientific work and international cooperation

The teaching staff publishes articles and reports in scientific journals and takes part in international scientific conferences. Moreover, they are authors of textbooks and teaching aids and tutorials of the MES of Ukraine. Three teachers of the Department were awarded Cand. Sc. degrees. The Department is maintaining international cooperation with departments of universities in Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Azerbaijan.

High quality education is ensured by youth striving to master technological culture, international cooperation with higher educational establishments, introduction of up-to-date methods and the teaching staff competence.

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