About the faculty

General information

According to the decision of the Academic Council of KHIRE of December 27th, 1991 and order of Rector № 01 of January 2nd, 1992 the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students (PFFS) was created which started preparing foreign citizens for their further education in Russian and Ukrainian in engineering, medical (pharmaceutical), economic and humanitarian higher educational establishments of Ukraine and CIS countries.

1999-2009 – Volodymyr P. Nemchenko, Cand.Sc. (Technology), Professor, Dean of Pre-University School for Foreign Citizens.

2009 – Pre-University School for Foreign Citizens was re-organized into the Center of Foreign Citizens Training. Murad A. Omarov, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, first became the Dean and then after reorganization the Head of the School.

2012 – the Center of Foreign Citizens Training was transformed into the School of Foreign Citizens Training which now consists of the Language Training Department,

Natural Sciences Department and Department of Ukrainian Culture, History and Linguistics.

During the 20 years of work over 2500 foreign students from 40 countries of the world successfully graduated from the Pre-University School. After graduation our students continue their studies both in KhNURE, and other higher educational establishments of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Donetsk, Odesa, Zaporizhzhya, Symferopol, Vinnytsia and other cities of Ukraine and foreign countries.

A lot of graduate students continued their post-graduate studies at our University and successfully defended Ph.D. theses.


Department of Language Training. Over the years, the Department has developed the tradition of teaching foreign students. We use a variety of extracurricular work forms, as well as various activities for the socio-psychological adaptation of trainees and students.

All areas of educational and methodological work are provided with appropriate teaching aids: manuals, guidelines and instructions for practical work and independent work.

The priority directions of the Department scientific activities include the development of topical issues in theory and methodology of teaching Russian and Ukrainian as foreign languages (the study of the structure, content and organization of the learning process of foreign citizens); globalization processes in education of Ukraine.

The results of scientific research are published in scientific journals, collections of articles, are tested at international and local conferences and workshops.

Natural Sciences Department. The Department teaches such subjects to foreign students: Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry, Drawing, Country Studies, Economic Geography and Essentials of Economics. Since 2010 1st and 2nd-year students also study Advanced Calculus, Physics, Programming, Algorithmization, Technical Drawing, Computer Graphics. Students can apply for courses in such directions: Engineering, Medicine and Biology, Economics and Humanities.

Professors of the Department lead extensive scientific and methodological work. They created necessary courseware for all courses, developed a new unique technique of teaching classes in multi-language groups of foreign students. Tutorials in Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry, Drawing and Country Studies were written.

Besides research and methodological work the professors of the Department are engaged in educational work held among foreign students.

Department of Ukrainian Culture, History and Linguistics. The Department of Ukrainian Culture, History and Linguistics specializes in training 1st and 2nd year students of all specialities, both full-time, part-time and distance mode of studies in social subjects and humanities.

At the Department foreign students can learn such subjects as History of Ukraine, History of Ukrainian Culture, Political and Economic History of Foreign Countries (for foreign students of Economic Cybernetics Department), Professional Ukrainian Language, Modern Ukrainian Literary Language, Rhetoric, Culture of Speech, Terminology (for post-graduate students).

The Department’s staff develops and publishes tutorials, methodological recommendations including those in LERSUS system for distance learning.

The Department’s main objectives are improvement of teaching and educational organization, lecturing and practice by means of multimedia technology, orientation on student’s creative and individual improvement.

Science and international activities

Professors of the School of Foreign Citizens Training publish their articles in scientific journals and take part in international scientific conferences. Moreover, they are authors of tutorials and manuals approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Three Candidates of Science were supervised. The School is carrying out International cooperation with the Universities of Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Azerbaijan. High quality of education is ensured by great aspiration for technological culture, international cooperation with universities, introduction of up-to-date approaches to teaching and staff competence.

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