Volodymyr V. Popovskyi

Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, Head of Telecommunication Systems Department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE), Member of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics, Member of the Academy of Communication of Ukraine, Member of the IEEE, Editor-in-Chief of the electronic journal “Telecommunication Issues”.
Volodymyr V. Popovskyi

+38 057 702-55-92


Awards and honours

Awarded for “Excellence in Education”, got a certificate of appreciation from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


1968 – graduated from the Military Academy of Telecommunication in St. Petersburg, received the qualification of a military engineer of radio communication and was assigned to marine service in Vladivostok.

1973 – entered the postgraduate courses at Military Academy of Telecommunication. He was the captain of the first rank.

He defended his Candidate dissertation in 1976, the doctoral thesis in 1982. He has been a professor since 1984.

Till 1990, before the demobilization he was a teacher, Assistant Professor, Head of the Department at St. Petersburg Academy.

Since 1990 till 1991 he was a Professor of Kharkiv Engineering Teachers’ Training Institute, since 1991 till present time he has been the Head of the TCS Department of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

Educational work

Teaches the following subjects: Introduction into Speciality, Basics of Control Theory and Adaptation in Telecommunication.

He pays much attention to the improvement of the learning process of the Department, development of laboratories, keeps close relations with the telecommunication specialists, operators, managers and leading specialists of different telecommunication establishments. As a result the Department has 5 branches where students can undergo different kinds of training and laboratory studies.

The curriculum and syllabus of subjects are updated in proper time, which is the basis of maintaining a high modern scientific and methodological level of the Department. Scientific seminars and postgraduates’ and doctoral candidates’ reports are regularly held.

Scientific work

He supervises post-graduate and doctoral courses at the Department, participates in research in many areas and subjects.

Research areas: systems theory, communication theory, electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic devices, spatio-temporal signal processing, polarization of signals, adaptive methods of signals control and evaluation, modern telecommunication technology.

He supervised 14 Dr. Sc. (Technology) and over 60 Cand. Sc. (Technology).

Public and international activities

Professor Popovskyi’s name is known in Ukraine, Russia and abroad. He is a member of the expert Higher Attestation Commission, a member of the IEEE, member of the Academy of Applied Radio Electronics and Telecommunication, Editor-in-Chief of the electronic journal “Telecommunication Issues”.

Publications and patents

He is the author of more than 300 publications, 6 monographs, 2 of which were published in Ukraine, 8 textbooks, 4 of which have the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science and are published in Ukraine. He is the author of 15 methodological manuals. Every year he publishes 15-20 research papers by himself or in joint authorship in the leading home and foreign editions.