Anatoliy N. Zelenin

Cand. Sc. (Technology), Department of Communication Networks, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.
Anatoliy N. Zelenin

+38 (057) 702-14-29

Honours and awards

He was awarded for “Excellence in Education" and got a distinction "Inventor of the USSR".


In 1969 he graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, speciality – “Radio Equipment Design and Manufacturing Technology”.

In 1972 he defended his Candidate thesis in speciality “Theoretical Bases of Radio Engineering”.

In 1980 he became an Associate Professor of KhNURE and in 1996 – a Professor of KhNURE.

Educational work

Teaches the following subjects:

  • “Theory of Electric Circuits and Signals”;
  • “Basics of Circuit Engineering”.

Scientific work

Research areas: digital synthesizers of frequencies and signals; circuit engineering synthesis of radio and telecommunication devices. 

Publications and patents

He has 56 copyright certificates and patents of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. His monographs and teaching guides are:

  1. A.M. Zelenin. Circuit technology of radio electronic devices in analogue ICs. – Kharkiv, Teletech, 2003.-251 p.
  2. A.M. Zelenin, A.I. Kostromitskiy, D.V.Bondar. Active filters on operational amplifiers. 2nd ed. – Kharkiv,Teletech, 2003.-150 p.
  3. L.P. Tymoshenko, A.M. Zelenin. Analogue electronic devices: Tutorial, Kharkiv, Kolegium, 2007.-298 p.