Specialization Mobile Networks

The Department trains Masters and PhD students on «Information communication networks» (specialization «Mobile Networks»)


Goal: To acquire a balance of skills regarding aspects of radio, network and mobile services.

Main topics: Cellular networks, principles, standards (GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE, LTE-A and 5G), transmission systems, planning and network provisioning.


One of the most promising areas for the development of telecommunications is the active implementation of new mobile communication standards (3G, 4G and 5G), the expansion of the existing range of services provided by telecommunications companies to its users, as well as high-quality transmission, storage, processing, protection all kinds of data using mobile networks. A promising direction is the use of mobile networks for financial services, smart insurance, remote medicine, smart house, smart city, the Internet of things.

The official duration of the program 1,5 years in full-time mode (90 ECTS credits)


Research Engineer in Telecommunications

Disciplines of specialization:


-     Global Information Infrastructure

-     Planning and Design of Information Networks

-     Network Architectures

-     Optical Broadband Transmission Systems

-     Radio-Frequency Transmission Systems

-     Operation of 4G/5G Networks

-     Economic Feasibility of Projects

-     Complex Term Project

-     Рrofessional Practical Training

-     Master’s Thesis

Discipline of choice (you can choose 6 courses)

-     Mobile Applications Development

-     Wireless Communication Systems

-     Decision-Making Theory

-     Mathematical Foundations of Cryptology

-     Internet of Things

-     Information Security of Mobile Networks

-     Signal Processing in Mobile Communication Systems

-     Languages and Means of Implementing Technologies mobile Networks

-     Virtualization Technology

-     Prospective Mobile Communication Technologies

-     Philosophic Problems of Scientific Cognition

-     Pedagogy of Higher Education

Knowledge and understanding

Upon the completion of the course, students will be familiarized with the existing mobile communication standards, the prospects for their development, modeling, planning, provisioning and development of cellular mobile networks, future generations networks, will understand the requirements of users and the capabilities of existing radio technologies for communication networks. They will know the technical and economic grounds for designing, maintaining and limiting information communication systems in the field of mobile communications.

Place of work

Graduates majoring in «Information Communication Networks» can be employed as engineers and managers in International and Ukrainian companies and organizations  that provide mobile communications, telephone services and the Internet (Vodafone, Lifecell, Kyivstar, Intertelecom, Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung, AT&T, T-Mobile, other mobile operators and Internet service providers); engineers planning and designing information communication networks of different types.


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