The Department of Communication Networks prepares Bachelors, Masters and Specialists of the speciality 7.05090301, 8.05090301 – “Information Communication Networks” in the direction 6.050903 “Telecommunications”, full-time and correspondence modes of study, state-funded and contract-based. The Department also provides external courses at the Center of Post-University Training.

“Information Communication Networks” is a wide speciality in the field of information technology requiring appropriate hardware and software application for information collection, storage, processing and transmission.

During studies students receive professional knowledge and skills in modern technologies of information services using telephone communication networks, mobile networks (cellular, trunking, personal satellite communication), landline networks (local, global, corporate), intelligent networks, multiservice networks, next generation networks (NGN), the Internet.

The speciality “Information Communication Networks” covers six fields: information communication networks; mobile communication; information technology, networks and systems in business; information communication networks software; automated communication facilities; postal communication networks.

Graduates majoring in “Information Communication Networks” can be employed as:

  • engineers and managers in companies and organizations that provide telephone services, mobile communication and the Internet (Ukrtelecom, U’tel, Veltontelecom, Kyivstar, MTS, Life, Beeline, Internet service providers);
  • system administrators ensuring local and corporate networks operation, database administrators in banking institutions, manufacturing and trading firms, government and security structures;
  • engineers planning and designing information communication networks of different types.

Students undergo training in modern teaching laboratories: “Information Communication Networks”, “Mobile Communication”, “Information Communication Networks Software and Internet Technologies”, “Circuits, Signals and Circuit Engineering”. The Department created a local multimedia network with modern software and hardware which is widely used in the learning process. Classes are also held at branches of the Department in telecommunication companies where students can learn advanced networking technologies and telecommunication devices.

The Department pays great attention to scientific and methodological support of teaching. Successful combination of long teaching experience of the veterans with enthusiasm of young teachers of the Department allows to provide and maintain the learning process up-to-date.

The teaching staff of the Department prepared a series of teaching guides having new materials for students’ preparation in “Information Communication Networks”. 

Science and International Cooperation

Scientific research is conducted in the field of “Information Communication Technologies and Networks”, whose main components are:

  • research into methods of spectral signal analysis, digital processing and modulation of signals in communication networks;
  • research and development of methods to increase efficiency, noise immunity, compatibility and security of communication networks;
  • development of methods for modeling and multicriterion optimization of communication networks;
  • research of mobile and satellite communication networks;
  • study of telecommunication technology and control in next generation networks;
  • development of methods of information distribution in communication networks.

The Department has a research laboratory called “Signal Processing in Telecommunication Systems”. The scientific direction of the laboratory is technology, hardware and software of digital information communication networks. The scientific staff of the Department created competitive computer telephony devices that are embedded at control stations of communication services in a number of regional energy companies of Ukraine. The scientific staff also developed an automatic multichannel system of speech registration and automatic customers informing through dialing CALLCenterDTR. Scientific developments of the Department in information and communication technologies were also introduced at the National Scientific Center “Institute of Metrology” when creating a gravimetric network of Ukraine.

Scientists of the Department have close links with leading universities and companies of near and far abroad countries, including Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Mexico and Canada. In recent years the Department established international cooperation in educational and scientific spheres with foreign organizations, in particular with the Warsaw Military University of Technology and the Institute of Space Technology of the Vietnam Academy of Science.

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