Students study subjects in detail related to both the operating and designing of measuring instruments and devices. To attract young people to scientific work the university has organized some research laboratories of:

  • information and measurement engineering,
  • theoretical metrology;
  • fundamentals of metrology and measurement engineering;
  • systems of quality, standardization and certification.

Leading domestic and foreign scientists deliver lecture to students and graduate students at seminars. Young people and teachers master the spoken and technical English language for teaching foreign students and for successful foreign scientific training.

A scientific and educational Testing Centre was established at the Department. In addition, a certification body was accredited at the Department which majors in software certification.



  • 6.051001 “Metrology, Information and Measurement Engineering”, Bachelor of metrology,
  • 6.051002 “Metrology, Standardization and Certification”, Bachelor of standardization, certification and quality;


  • 7.05100101 “Metrology and Measurement Engineering”, engineer of metrology,
  • 7.05100201 “Metrological Assurance of Tests and Products Quality “, quality engineer,
  • 7.000001 “Quality, Standardization and Certification “, standardization and quality engineer;


  • 8.05100101 “Metrology and Measurement Engineering”, metrology researcher,
  • 8.05100201 “Metrological Assurance of Tests and Products Quality “, quality researcher,
  • 8.000001 “Quality, Standardization and Certification”, standardization and quality researcher.

Science and international cooperation

Priorities of international activities are cooperation with European universities, namely: metrologists in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Russia and Belarus.

Scientists and students of the Department annually participate in international conferences and seminars, have access to new technologies, software products, hardware of European companies and universities.

An international seminar on evaluation of measurement results, as well as the All-Ukrainian Competition in metrology, information and measurement engineering are annually held on the basis of the Department.

Scientific schools:

  1. Modelling and designing measuring instruments (supervisor – Prof. I.V. Ruzhentsev).
  2. Evaluation of measurement uncertainty (supervisor – Prof. I.P. Zakharov).
  3. Development of quality management systems (supervisor – Prof. A.B. Egorov).

Post-graduate and doctoral studies in the following specialities:

  • 05.01.02 – Standardization, Certification and Metrological Assurance,
  • 05.01.08 – Radio Measuring Equipment.


  1. I.V. Ruzhentsev, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor;
  2. I.P. Zakharov, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor;
  3. A.B. Egorov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor;
  4. O.V. Zaporozhets, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor;
  5. A.N. Nikitenko, Cand.Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor.

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