Metrology and Technical Expertise (MTE)

The MME Department was founded as the Department of Radio Measurements in 1963. Since 1995 it has become the Department of Metrology and Measurement Engineering.


building “З”, 5th floor,
rooms 19-22, 50-55

+38 (057) 702-13-31

Igor V. Ruzhentsev

Igor V. Ruzhentsev

Professor, Member of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics, Head of Metrology and Measurement Engineering Department

The main functions

The Department trains specialists (Bachelor, Specialist, Master degrees) in the following areas:

  • 6.051001 "Metrology, Information and Measurement Engineering",
  • 6.051002 "Metrology, Standardization and Certification"

With the specialization in:

  • 7.05100101 "Metrology and Measurement Engineering",
  • 7.05100201 "Metrological Assurance of Tests and Products Quality",
  • 7.000001 "Quality, Standardization and Certification",
  • 8.05100101 "Metrology and Measurement Engineering",
  • 8.05100201 "Metrological Assurance of Tests and Products Quality",
  • 8.000001 "Quality, Standardization and Certification".

Research directions of the Department are:

  • modelling and designing measuring instruments;
  • processing and evaluating measurement results;
  • development of quality management systems.