About the faculty

General information

Faculty joins 140 lecturers and staff (67 PhDs and assosiate professors, 21 doctors, professors ) , and 1000 students. The first step to the creation of the Faculty was the opening of the specialty “multi-channel telecommunications” in 1975. The demand for young professionals was very high, not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders, so the number of state-funded places quickly grew from 25  to 75. In 1990 the training of students by the speciality “metrology, standardization and quality control” began.  In 1995, on the basis of the Faculty of Radio Engineering, the Faculty of Telecommunications and Instrumentation was established. It consists of the Department of Telecommunication Systems, the Department of Communication Networks, and the Department of Metrology and Measurement Engineering. That time, the training  of students by the specialities “information security in teleccomunication systems”, “multichannel telecommunications and metrology”, “standardization and certification” started. In 1997 two new specialities opened – “communication networks” and “automatic telecommunications”.

Since 1998, the faculty prepares bachelors, specialists and masters in three areas: telecommunications systems and networks, information networks, metrology and measurement technology.

With the increasing demand on the labor market, in 2007 the directions of training changed: the specialty “metrology and measurement technology” transformed into two new ones – “metrology and information-measuring technologies” and “metrology, standardization and certification”, and a new speciality “management of information security” opened.

Telecommunication Systems (the Head of the Department Volodymyr V. Popovskiy), Communication Networks (the Head of the Department Valeriy M. Bezruk), Metrology and Measuring Equipment (the Head of the Department Igor V. Ruzhentsev).


The faculty trains specialists in the following areas levels of Bachelor, Specialist, Master: 6.050903 – telecommunications (specialty: 7.05090301, 8.05090301 – telecommunication systems and networks; 7.05090302, 8.05090302 – information networks); 6.051002 – metrology, standardization and certification (specialty: 7.051002, 8.051002 – metrological support in the quality of the production); 6.051001 – metrology and information-measuring technology (specialty: 7.051001, 8.050201 – metrology and information-measuring technology); 6.170103 - information security management (7.170103, 8.170103 – administrative management in the field of data protection); 7.000001, 8.000001 – quality, standardization and certification.

More than 300 students enroll from other countries at the Faculty. Teaching is carried out in the Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Science and international cooperation

During the existence of the faculty more than 2,000 highly skilled graduates have been trained. They work in leading telecom companies both in Ukraine (JSC «Ukrtelecom», Kyivstar, MTS, Life) and other countries (Ericsson, Nokia, PeopleNet), at a variety of banking institutions, metrology organizations and departments.

The main research areas of the Faculty are closely related with the educational process and the specialties of the faculty. The pride of the faculty are educational laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art telecommunication equipment, where students, in addition to practical skills, can get diplomas and certificates of global telecommunications leaders – D-Link, Cisco, Samsung companies.

The availability of modern laboratories and experienced scientific and teaching staff has allowed the faculty to become a leader in the training of specialists in telecommunications, information security management and metrology professions in Ukraine. Over recent years, students of the faculty constantly win prizes at the All-Ukrainian student competitions and the All-Ukrainian competitions of scientific works. The highest achievings of students are winning and prizes in 2010, 2011 years in the Eastern European competitions in Cisco networking and Ukrainian Olympiads of telecommunications and metrology.

With a new enhanced level of training the external relations of the Faculty have extended. In Ukraine, the faculty fruitfully cooperates with all leading educational institutions on the profile of the faculty, and it also has established educational and scientific cooperation with universities in Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Vietnam.  Students have the opportunity to get a double master’s degree, also the training programs for teachers and researchers in foreign universities are available.

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