Іnfocommunications (IC)

The Faculty of Telecommunications and Instrumentation (TCI) contains the following Departments: Telecommunication Systems (TCS), Communication Networks (CN), Metrology and Measuring Equipment (MME).


main building, rooms 238, 239, 241

(057) 70-21-067


Snegurov Arkady V.
The Dean, Ph.D., Associate Professor

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1355-7978
Researcher ID: W-1080-2017
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Graduates of telecommunication areas of training obtain such knowledge as the deployment of telecommunications systems and networks and their management, mobile and wireless 3G-5G technologies, network administration and management services, methods of information security in communication networks.

Specialists in information security are able to estimate information security risks in telecommunication systems and networks, have deep knowledge of technology and methods of information security management, methods of information protection. Training is carried out according to international standards ISO series 27000.

Sphere of competence of graduates of metrological areas is the development of elements of the quality of products and services, development of measuring instruments and metrological support, methods and algorithms for processing the measurement results, information-control technology, as well as standardization and certification of products.

The faculty trains specialists in the following areas levels of Bachelor, Specialist, Master:

  • 6.050903 telecommunications (specialty: 7.05090302, 8.05090302 – telecommunication systems and networks; 7.05090301, 8.05090301 – information networks);
  • 6.051002 metrology, standardization and certification (specialty: 7.051002, 8.051002 – metrological support in the quality of the production);
  • 6.051001 metrology and information-measuring technology (specialty: 7.051001, 8.050201 – metrology and information-measuring technology);
  • Information Security Management 6.170103 (7.170103, 8.170103 – administrative management in the field of data protection);
  • 7.000001, 8.000001 – quality, standardization and certification.

More than 300 students enroll from other countries at the Faculty. Teaching is carried out in the Russian, Ukrainian and English.

The Faculty has cooperation contacts with foreign universities: Sofia University. St. Clement (Bulgaria), Dresden University of Technology (Germany), University of Zielona Góra (Poland), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), Technical University of Wildau (Germany), Rhine-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen (Germany), etc.

Students of the faculty have the opportunity to get a dual master’s degree.