Iryna V. Svyd

Cand. Sc., Assosiate Professor of Radiotechnologies Information and Communication Systems Department, Head of Department of Training Process Organization

Graduated from Kharkiv State Technical University of Radio Electronics in 2000, speciality – Multichannel Communication. A post-graduate student of the Department of Communication Networks, speciality 05.12.17 “Radio engineering and television systems”.

Academic work

Teaches the following subjects:

  • “Information Network Management”;
  • “Neural Technologies in Telecommunication”;
  • “Network Control Technologies in Telecommunication”;
  • “Services Management”;
  • “Mobile Communication Networks Management”;

Scientific work

Scientific research areas:

  • Information network management, services quality management in communication networks;
  • Neural technologies in telecommunication;
  • Designing and optimization of communication networks, including mobile ones.

Publications and patents

Has more than 80 publications.