The department trains specialists (bachelors, specialists, masters) majoring in 6.050901 “Radio engineering”, speciality 7.05090103, 8.05090103, “Radio electronic devices, systems and complexes.”

The facilities of the department allow to do laboratory cycles in such basic disciplines as information transmission devices in technical information security system; analog electronic devices; digital devices and microprocessors; signal reception and processing;  electric power of radio electronic appliances; basics of microcontroller programming; FPLD architecture; signal generation and formation; radio automation; adaptation methods in radio engineering.

In its activity the department relies on its branches that represent Ukrainian leading research institutions and manufacturing enterprises on medical equipment development, medical centres, scientific centres that do research into fundamental physical problems. Among them are the JSC «Research Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements» (prof. B.I. Makarenko), Kharkiv Research Institute of General and Emergency Surgery (ass. prof V.V. Bulaga), the National Scientific Centre «Kharkiv Physicotechnical Institute» (prof. A.M. Egorov, prof. Yu.F. Lonin), A.Y. Usicov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof. Yu.V. Prokopenko). At the department there are four student clubs to attract students to scientific work. 

Science and international cooperation

The research directions of the department are meteor propagation, meteor communications and radar, lidar and optical electronic means in ecology, economy and military affairs, development of lasers and laser-based means of controlling technogenic impurities in the troposphere and near-Earth space, the development of new methods and devices for assessing  man’s  physiological and psychophysical state.

The department post-graduate courses train PhD students with the specialization 05.12.17 – Radio engineering and TV systems. Scientific supervisors are Ivan E. Antipov, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor; Yu.V. Prokopenko, Dr. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), senior scientific researcher; Yu.F. Lonin, Dr. Sc. (Technology), senior scientific researcher.

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