Viacheslav A. Tykhonov

Dr. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Department of Radio Electronic Systems.
Viacheslav A. Tykhonov

+38 (057) 702-15-87


Car, gardening.


Dr. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), speciality 01.04.03 – Radio physics. The dissertation topic: “Developing a model of linear prediction of non-Gaussian random processes”. Defended his Candidate dissertation (Technology) in 1991.

Academic work

Lecture courses: “Internet-technologies”, “Network information technologies and research methods for multimedia networks”, “Foundations of the theory of radio communication systems”, “Systems of information transmission”.

Scientific work

Research interests – selection and information processing in noisy environments using higher order statistics. He has trained two Candidates of Science. Dr. V.A. Tikhonov is the supervisor of student research, students were awarded diplomas at national conferences.

Publications and patents
  1. V.A. Tikhonov, K.V. Netrebenko Non-Gaussian characteristics of speech signals // Automated control systems and instruments of automation. – 2003. – №123. – PP.57-62.
  2. V.A. Tikhonov, K.V. Netrebenko Complex generalized model of autoregression of non-Gaussian processes // Radio electronics. – 2006. – №8. – PP. 21-30.