Olga L. Shilyaeva

Teaching Assistant of Radio Electronic Systems Department, KhNURE.
Olga L. Shilyaeva

+38 (057) 702-15-87



Travel, coocking.


Postgraduate Studies (2013), scientific specialty 05.12.17 – Radio engineering and television systems. Master with the specialization in “Equipment of Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV” (KhNURE, 2009).

Educational work

Teaching Courses – “Acoustics and AcousticDevices”, “Devices of recording and reproducing information”, “Radio Electronic Systems”.

Scientific work

research interests – propagation of radio waves above the terrain.

Publications and patents

11 publications and 5 presentations in conferences and seminars.

  • V.А. Petrov, О.L. Shilyaeva. Estimation of current propagation condition of microwave signals beyond the radio horizon with consideration of beam diffusion.// Radio Engineering and Telecommunication
    Systems: All-Russ. sc.-tech. mag. 2012. №4. PP. 16-21.
  • V.А. Petrov, О.L. Shilyaeva, В.V. Juckov. Estimation of microwave field beyond the radio horizon by measurement of refraction index profile. // Radiotechnika. – All-Ukr. interagency sc. coll. articles. – 2013. – Issue 172. – PP. 24-31.
  • О.L. Shilyaeva, V.А. Petrov. Structure of multipath zones and caustics under radio wave propagation beyond the radio horizon. // Radiotechnika. – All-Ukr. interagency sc. coll. articles. – 2013. – Issue 173. –PP. 52-57.