The Department carries out complex training of specialists of three educational and qualifying levels: “Bachelor”, majoring in “Radio Engineering” (6.050901), and also “Specialist” and “Master”, with the specialization in “Equipment of Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV” (7.05090102 and 8.05090102).

Studies are performed by the Department in five laboratories. It should be mentioned that the Department has a modern video centre having equipment of Japanese and American manufacturers which is used by students for studying design of modern video studios, methods of video editing and creation of multimedia with the use of modern software products. Students create their own video production, the best video films participate in youth film festivals where they take prize-winning places.

For educational purposes the Department cooperates with the department of «Automated control systems of technological processes» of the Ukrainian scientific and technical centre “Energostal”, which has allowed to create a modern computer classroom for designing microprocessor control systems with equipment and licensed software «Siemens» and «CoDeSys».

According to the requirements of forming information society in Ukraine the Department permanently upgrades curricula for training specialists. New disciplines which correspond to the world tendency of radio electronic information networks development are introduced, the content of standard, professional-focused and selected disciplines is updated. Considerable attention is paid to computer literacy of students: application of modern programming languages, databases and Internet technologies at designing radio electronic devices and systems.

Under the guidance of highly skilled teachers of the Department students do scientific work, take part in university and international competitions, scientific and technical conferences and forums.

Demand for specialists of our speciality is high both in Ukraine and abroad.

The Department provides students with everything necessary for acquiring knowledge and professional skills.

Scientific and international cooperation

The scientific directions of the Department are remote sounding of the atmosphere with the use of electromagnetic and acoustic waves; researching and working out methods and means of compression, transfer and reproduction of video images in specialized digital TV systems.

From 1966 to 1991 the main scientific direction of the Department was atmosphere sounding by acoustic and electromagnetic waves. Prof. E.G.Proshkin was the main initiator of these works. The Department  achieved considerable successes in development of methods and atmosphere remote-sensing instruments which gained the state and international recognition. By results of research 8 experimental systems of radio acoustic sounding of the atmosphere, 4 experimental models of acoustic locators of land and sea basing are created, the system of complex acoustic and radio acoustic sounding is developed and tested.

The school of atmosphere sounding keeps developing successfully over the last decades. Dr. V.M. Kartashov has developed the theory of vector probing radio acoustic signals and theoretical bases of optimization and adaptation of processing signal devices in systems for radio acoustic and acoustic atmosphere sounding. In 2003 he has been awarded Dr. Sc. degree and until now he supervises post-graduate students’ scientific work in this scientific direction.

Prof. V.N. Oleynikov is developing radar-tracking methods for researching atmospheric dynamic processes and is designing hardware-software means for geophysical researches. With his direct participation some models of RLS for vertical atmosphere sounding were developed and put in operation. At present these developments are unique on the CIS territory. With the use of the developed equipment researches of atmospheric dynamic processes were carried out according to a number of international programs.

At present the Department cooperates with the Institute of meteorology and physics (Vienna, Austria), with the Meteorological Observatory of the German Weather Service (Lindenberg, Germany). Members of the Department regularly take part in the International Symposium on Acoustic Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Oceans – ISARS.

In the late 1990s the Department was placed on a broad footing to create digital networks and user modems for small capacity telecommunication networks. Manufacturing these modems began at the enterprises “Elteh” (Kharkiv) and “Prozhektor” (Malin,Zhitomirregion). About 5000 complete sets of various modifications were produced and installed in telecommunication networks ofUkraine.

Considering the need of Ukraine’s security, defence and law enforcement agencies for information and technical means of fight against terrorism, «Universal multimedia complex of shooting training» has been developed under the guidance of prof. G.I. Sidorov and assoc. prof. I.V. Koryttsev. Seven copies of this complex are mounted and put in operation in state and private combat shooting galleries in Kyiv. By estimations of the SSU’s technical experts the complex has no equal by the “price-quality” criterion.

Today according to the errand of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers and the Kharkiv regional state administration, the Department has begun initiative work on creation of a computerized shooting training complex for the Ukraine team in biathlon and small complete sets for sports children and youth schools.

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