Department of Computer Radio Engineering and Systems of Technical Security of Information (CRESTSI)

The department was founded in Kharkiv Electrotechnical Institute in 1946. Since 1997 it has been called the Department of Radio Engineering Fundamentals (DREF).


room 417, 418

+38 (057) 702 14 30,

+38 (057) 702 14 79

Head of Radio Engineering Fundamentals Department
Ivan E. Antipov

Dr. Sc. (Technology), professor

Main functions

Students study subjects in detail that are concerned with modern radio technologies and technologies of technical information security.

The department trains specialists (Bachelors, Specialists, Masters) in majors:

  • 6.07090101 - Radio Engineering, speciality 7.05090101, 8.0590101 – Radio Engineering;
  • 6.170102 - Systems of Technical Information Security, speciality 7.170102 – Systems of Technical Information Security and Automation of its Processing.

The department has modern equipment that forms the base of the laboratories of: