The Department of Foreign Languages is a department which provides teaching of foreign languages for KhNURE undergraduate students, bachelors, specialists, masters as well as post-graduate students and candidates for a Ph. degree of all specialties. The Foreign Languages Department’s activity is implemented in several areas.

Teaching and methodological work

Improving practical foreign languages courses, providing its communicative orientation (introduction and implementation of educational curricula on foreign languages in the light of the Bologna Process; providing the process of teaching foreign languages with teaching and methodological materials; publishing activities).

Innovation methods of teaching foreign languages (improving the rational structure of classes on speaking skills development, methods of making up practical tasks on speaking skills development for the first- and second-year students; publishing activity; using electronic teaching aids; applying authentic audio and video recordings at lessons of foreign languages; modernizing the department learning equipment; adding new tests for a Master course entrance examination on the subject “Professional foreign language” into the database; methodology of using teaching materials on the basis of IT technology). The department has a multimedia network teaching complex with appropriate software, complete sets of audio and video courses for different aims and levels of learning. The training and methodological arsenal of the department contains sets of textbooks on foreign languages learning of the leading world publishing houses (Oxford, Longman /Pearson Express Publishing, Harper Collins Publishers, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Heinemann), reference books, dictionaries and periodicals, educational supplies and workbooks of the lecturers of the department.

A programme of intensive learning of a foreign language (English) has been functioning at the department for some years. The characteristic feature of organizing studies for groups of students who learn English intensively is a differential approach implemented in different level groups from Beginner up to the Advanced level of proficiency in English. Such groups are formed at the beginning of the course by the results of testing.

Teaching foreign languages at the department is done on the basis of the credit-modular system, which considerably improves organization of the learning process and has a positive effect on students’ academic average. The teaching staff of the department has introduced a system of language testing of students and university entrants into the process of learning. The whole process of learning foreign languages is closely bound up with the area of their future profession.

Organization and methodological work is implemented in the form of scientific and methodological seminars; work on PhD theses, published works, reports; consultations for post-graduate students /candidates for a PhD degree, etc.

The teachers of the department constantly work on improvement of their professional skills: the department holds seminars on methods of teaching foreign languages, organizes training courses, etc. Contacts with international institutions have become traditional, which helps the teachers of the department increase their methodological arsenal. Annually the department organizes and holds the competition “How well do you know English?” The winners of the 1st stage of All – Ukrainian English language competition among students of non-language specialities have more than once taken part in the 2nd stage of the competition and have become its prizewinners. The department has prepared and published three workbooks that are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as textbooks on a foreign language for students of engineering higher educational establishments. Within the whole period of existence of the department its staff has been engaged in developing and studying modern technologies of teaching foreign languages and has introduced them into studies.

They have prepared and published 11 workbooks, develop study guides to video materials. “Study guides and tests for classes on speaking skills development for all specialities” have come out. All the materials are accessible in an electronic form at the university library.

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