About the faculty

General information

The Radio Engineering School numbers 84 teachers and employees (12 doctors of science, professors, 31 candidates of science) and 520 students. The RES was founded in 1962 at Kharkiv Institute of Mining Machinery Manufacturing, Automation and Computing Machinery. In 1972 the School of Radio Equipment Design and Manufacture branched off the RES and the Departments of Radio Equipment Design and Radio Equipment Production Technology joined it. The Department of Radio Electronic Systems was established at the RES.

In 1975 the RES began training engineers of multichannel communication and the Department of Multichannel Electrical Communication was set up. In 20 years the School of Telecommunication and Measurement Engineering was established on the basis of this speciality.

In 1991 the RES started training engineers majoring in “Equipment of Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV”.

In 2004 the RES began training specialists of the major “Information Security”, later – engineers with the specialization “System of Technical Information Security”, at present the RES trains specialists of the major “Systems of Technical Information Security, Automation of its Processing”.


The RES trains specialists of Bachelor majors:

  • 6.050901 – “Radio Engineering”,
  • 6.170102 – “Systems of Technical Information Security”,
  • 6.050803 – «Acoustic Engineering»;

and also Specialists, Masters:

  • 7.05090101, 8.05090101 – “Radio Engineering”,
  • 7.05090102, 8.05090102 – “Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes”,
  • 7.05090103, 8.05090103 – “Equipment of Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV”,
  • 7.17010201, 8.17010201 - “Systems of Technical Information Security, Automation of its Processing”.

Students and postgraduate students of the near and far abroad countries study at the RES.

Science and international cooperation

Investigations of the environment, especially those of the near-Earth air space by the radio wave propagation method have become the main subject matter. They are supported by scientific and applied-research laboratories. The scientific work done at the RES has obtained international recognition. Three small planets were named “KhDTURE”, “Kashcheev” and “Voloshchuk” in honor of the meteor researchers of the university. The radiolocation systems “MARS” and “VETA” for obtaining fundamental data about wave processes in the upper atmosphere belong to national remarkable achievements.

The GPS station “SUPE” was set up and certified at the RES which has been registered by the Central Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as an international geodynamic station (DOMES 15 504 M001) in the National Geographic Institute of France as well as a provider of measurement information in real time by the Federal Agency of Mapping and Geodesy of Germany.

The RES maintains and develops international relations with universities of Germany, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Mexico, participates in close contacts with the universities mentioned in holding joint scientific conferences, carrying out employees training and student exchanges. Within international cooperation the agreements with Leipzig University are in force which envisage a number of arrangements concerning the academic and scientific activity of teachers and students. With the help of video communication technologies students take an active part in international conferences, academic projects in the laboratory “Video communication technologies and systems” as well as participate in international contests.

The team of the RES students has attained considerable success at the international student competition “Imagine Cup 2008” (France, Paris) and “Imagine Cup 2009” (Egypt, Cairo) organized by the Microsoft company, having won the sixth and third places in the world respectively. Over a dozen of our radio engineers work for the firm “Epcos” (Germany) who by their work have confirmed the high quality of engineer training.

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