Faculty of Information Radiotechnologies and Technical Information Security (IRTIS)

The Faculty of Radio Engineering contains the following Departments: Radio Electronics Systems (RES), Radio Engineering Fundamentals (REF), Radiotechnologies Information and Communication Systems (RTICS), Foreign Languages (FL).


Main building, 2 fl., room 213

+38 (057) 702-14-78


Sergiy M. Sakalo

The Dean
Sergiy M. Sakalo

Cand. of Sc. (Technology), Professor, member of academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics, Dean of Radio Engineering School

The Faculty provides Bachelors training on the following areas:

  • 6.050901 «Radio Engineering» (followed by training of specialists and masters on the specialities: 7.05090101, 8.05090101 – Radio Engineering (RE), 7.05090102, 8.05090102 -  Equipment of Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV (ERCBT) , 7.05090103, 8.05090103 – Radio electronic devices, systems and complexes (RDSC) );
  • 6.170102 «Systems of Technical Information Security» (followed by training of specialists and masters on the specialty 7.17010201, 8.17010201 - Systems of Technical Information Security, Automation of its Processing (STISAP));
  • 6.050803 «Acoustic Engineering» (AE).

The RE and STIS specialities have both full-time and correspondence learning forms of training. Other specialities have only full-time form of training.