Oleksandr G. Nerukh

Dr.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Head of Advanced Calculus Department of Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (KNURE).
Oleksandr G. Nerukh

+38 057 702-13-72



2001 – 2003 Visiting Professor at Nottingham University, England

1994 – headed Advanced Calculus Department

1993 – professorship at the Advanced Calculus Department

1991 – Ph.D. degree for the thesis “Evolutionary approach in non-stationary electrodynamics problems”

1982 – Associate Professor at the Advanced Calculus Department

1977 – Assistant Professor at the Advanced Calculus Department

1975 – Cand.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics) for the thesis “Radiowave propagation on moving objects”

1971 – a post-graduate of Kharkiv State University

1968 – a graduate of Kharkiv State University with major in RadioPhysics

Scientific work

The scientific activity and the results obtained are in the area of evolutionary approach to solution of
2D-3D electromagnetic initial and boundary value electromagnetic problems. It is based on Volterra
integral equations and used for handling non-stationary electrodynamics problems with time-depending
medium properties and medium boundaries. The research on electromagnetic wave transformation in
such medium including the evaluation of the transformation complexity has been conducted by a team
of young scientists recently. Nonstationary phenomena in dielectric waveguides and resonators are of
special interest.

Public and international activities

2001, 2003, 2006, 2007 – Visiting Professor at the Nottingham University, UK; 

1998 – Prof. Oleksandr G. Nerukh’s biography is included in the 16 th edition Who’s Who in the World;

1998 – IEEE East Ukraine Joint Chapter;

1996 – Soros Associate Professor at Soros Science Education Program of International Renaissance

1993 – Soros Foundation Grant.

Publications and patents

The list includes 4 books and over 280 articles and reports at conferences. The books are as follows:

  1. Nerukh A., Sakhnenko N., Benson T., Sewell P. Non-Stationary Electromagnetics, Pan Stanford Publishing, 596.
  2. A. G. Nerukh, N. A. Khizhniak “current problems of nonstationary macroscopic electrodynamics”, Test-Radio. Kharkov. 1991, 280p.
  3. A. G. Nerukh, I. V. Scherbatko and M. Marciniak “Electromagnetics of modulated medium with
    applications to photonics”, published by National Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw, Poland, 2001, 280 p.
  4. O. G. Nerukh, N. M. Ruzhitska “The course of dectures on Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry”, KNURE, Kharkiv, 1997, 2004, 182 p.
  5. O. G. Nerukh, V.O. Buts “Mathematical Basics of the dynamic Chaos Theory in Oscillating Systems”, KNURE, Kharkiv, 1999, 100 p.