Education Program

The Department provides basis education in Advanced Calculus embracing all specialities of the University where Advanced Calculus is not major. The training is aimed at the development of mathematical and logic thinking, speciality subjects study and independent work with scientific and technical information. The students master basic concepts, ideas and methods of modern calculus, learn to use them in solving particular problems.

The students are given basic ideas of linear algebra and classical mathematical analysis, they are trained to solve applied problems (i.e. to formulate a real problem as a mathematical one and to choose the best method for solving it), to solve mathematical problems and to implement the solutions in order to get the practical outcome (a formula, a number, a diagram, the proper conclusion) as well as to work with apparatus criticus independently.

Science and International Cooperation

The Advanced Calculus Department majors in

  • The development of algorithms for time-dependent electrodynamics problems on the basis of integral equations and their application.
  • Mathematical modeling for solving the problems connected with excitation of broadband and ultra wideband non-closed antennas as well as inhomogeneous ones.
  • The development of new teaching methods and their usage in distance learning.
  • Algebraic structures, multi algebraic systems and their application in modeling of processes factoring.
  • Stationary and non-stationary plasmons, their excitation and application.

The members of the staff participate in international scientific conferences. The department takes part in joint research projects with Nottingham University, England, funded by Royal Academy of Engineering Royal Society, EPSRC.

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