Dmytro B. Yelchaninov

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, associate professor of Social Informatics (SI) Department of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE).
Dmytro B. Yelchaninov

+38 (057) 702-15-91

Social Activity

Yelchaninov D. B. was an active participant of the in the imposition of a new professions’ division to the Ukraine State Classifier – “Professionals in the field of information and information analysis” and the creation of the qualification characteristics of profession 2433.2 “Analyst of consolidated information”.
As a member of the working group of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine he also participated in the Ukrainian higher education branch standards creation: education and qualification characteristics and educational and professional program of masters’ training in the specialty of specific categories 8.18010015 “Consolidated Information”.
Yelchaninov D. B. is an expert-mathematician and adviser of the Kharkiv Regional Public Organization “Society of Competitive Intelligence Analysts and Professionals”.
Yelchaninov D. B. worked as a speaker of the “TEDxKharkov 2012” conference:
He contributed to the Ukrainian computer weekly “My Computer”:


Yelchaninov D. B. graduated from the Kharkiv State University (nowadays the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University) in 1995, the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, Scientific and Practical Department, the Functions Theory and Functional Analysis Department in the specialty “Mathematics” with the qualification of a mathematician and teacher of Mathematics. His master’s thesis theme was “The Estimation of Polynomial Distribution Approximation Through Poisson Multinomial Distribution” under the guidance of Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, associate professor Ilyinskaya Iryna Petrivna.

Yelchaninov D. B. had been taking a postgraduate course of the Kharkiv State University of Radio Electronics (nowadays Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics) at Computer Engineering Automatization Systems Department in the specialty of “Design Work Automatization Systems” with his thesis theme “Petri Structured Net in the Special-Purpose Processors Designing Systems” under the guidance of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Loboda Vitaliy Havrylovych since 1996 till 1999.

He obtained his candidate’s degree in 2001.

In 2006 he obtained the academic rank of associate professor of Social Informatics (SI) Department.

Yelchaninov D. B. had studied at the institution of doctoral candidacy of the President’s National Strategic Research Institute at the Political Strategy Department in the specialty “State Administration Theory and History” with his thesis’ theme “The System Analysis Theoretic and Methodoligical Grounds Formation in State Administration of Ukraine” under the guidance of Doctor of Sciences (State Administration), senior staff scientist Kalnish Yuriy Hryhorovych since 2008 till 2011.

Educational Work

Yelchaninov D. B. gives the courses “Business Administration Information Technologies” and “Decision Making Support Technologies”. Masters’ degree theses advising.

Scientific Work

Main areas: systemology; sustainable development theory; enterprises’, state and non-profit organizations functioning indicators balanced system; functional modeling; verbal analysis.

Publications and patents

Yelchaninov D. B. has more than 100 scientific and methodological publications.

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