Kateryna O. Solovyova

the Head of the Social Informatics (SI) Department of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, the head of the Scientific and Educational Knowledge Management Center.
Kateryna O. Solovyova

+38 (057) 702-15-91


Social and International Activities

Professor Solovyova K. O. took training courses in Great Britain and Belgium; developed, won and realized successfully an individual IMG Tempus – a grant with the London University LSE and a trip to Brussels’ ICT-2010. She has recently concluded more than ten international agreements. She participated in the preparation and presentation of six Tempus projects in collaboration with the dozens of foreign universities being responsible for our university’s projects. She participated in the preparation of three projects with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research which had passes successfully in Russia.
The agreements with the Stockholm University concluded by her are being realized in the scientific and educational activities of the department successfully. Professor Solovyova K. O. has been given the common course “Knowledge Management - Knowledge Technologies” with the Stockholm University for three years, where our Stockholm colleagues always appreciate our master students’ profound knowledge.
She was an active participant in the introduction of a new professions’ subclass to the Ukraine State Classifier – Professionals in the field of information and information analysis (corresponding to «Competitive Intelligence Professionals» in the world leading companies), a new kind of work – 2433.2 Analyst of consolidated information, the innovative new master's specialty Consolidated Information (CI) of the specific categories, licensing and accreditation of CI in KhNURE for the first time in Ukraine, the development of an branch standard, approved by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, licensing of specialty 8.04030203 – Social Informatics. Professor Solovyova K. O. has been a member of Council on Experts in Public Administration under State Accreditation Board of Ukraine, two methodology committees for specific categories and informatics, the Specialized Council for defense of Ph. D. theses, and the academic council of the AMM faculty for many years. She presided at State Qualifying Boards for undergraduate students at the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. She worked as a member of the Examining Board for defense of doctor’s degree theses in the knowledge management in the Stockholm University. Professor Solovyova K. O. is a member of Program Committees of many international conferences, journal editorial boards including “Information - Interaction – Intellect,” “Knowledge-Dialogue-Solution”, “General Information Theory”, “International Journal “Information Technologies and Knowledge”, “International Journal ‘Information Models&Analyses”, ”Information Technologies in Science, Education, Telecommunication and Business” (IT + &E`12) etc. She works as a chairman of the conference program committee “Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence” within the International Forum of Young Scientists “Radio Electronics and Youth in the XXI Century” in KhNURE. She also is a participant of numerous scientific conferences and seminars in our country and abroad including Belgium, Sweden, Bulgaria, Russia etc.


An award in scientific activities sphere.

Additional information

Interests: development practices (meditations, Buddhism, Reiki (Master of Reiki), yoga, alternative health improvement methods), work with knowledge, nature. Early interests: painting, arts, literature, poetry, theatre, art song; physical training and sports (professional tennis, alpine skiing, diving, tourism).
Parents of Solovyova K. O. had restored our university after the war and had been working there (in the Institute of Mines) since 1948.


Professor Solovyova K. O. graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics with honours in the specialty “Electronic Computers” having been given a qualification of an engineer-mathematician. She passed her postgraduate course successfully and defended her thesis in the specialty “Engineering Cybernetics and Information Theory” (the scientific advisor was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Shabanov-Kushnarenko Y. P.).

She finished her preparation for doctor’s degree at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics under the guidance of a correspondent member of the NAS of Ukraine, Honoured Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bondarenko M. F. She obtained her doctor’s degree in the specialties “Automatized Data Management System and Progressive Information Technologies” and “System Analyses and Optimal Decision Theory” on the theme “Systemological and Mathematical Grounds for Natural Classification and their Application to Intelligence Systems”. She joined the National University of Radio Electronics a lecturer in the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics after she had completed her postgraduate course successfully.

In 2003 Professor Solovyova K. O. was appointed the head of the Social Informatics Department.

Educational Work

Courses of lectures: “Knowledge Management Technologies”, “Knowledge Management”, “Knowledge Technologies”, “Introduction to the Specialty (Competitive Intelligence)”. Earlier “Data  and Knowledge Bases and Expert Systems”, “Conceptual Knowledge Theory”, “Object-Oriented Analysis and Modeling” and many other lecture courses (“System Programming”, “Data Management Systems”, “Input-Output Systems”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Data Mining and Knowledge Technologies”, “Programming” etc.) have been developed and read successfully by Solovyova K. O. She works as a member of the State Examination Board on master’s degree theses in the specialty 8.18010015 – “Consolidated Information”, a member of Entrance Examination Commission for specialty 8.18010015, the chairman of the Department Methodological Commission. Professor Solovyova K. O. is a scientific adviser for term papers and masters’ theses etc. He works as a scientific adviser for masters’ degree theses at the Social Informatics Department.

Scientific Work

Scientific interest is the new scientific school “Noospheric Methodologies and Technologies of Solving Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence Problems”; its scientific advisers are a correspondent member of the NAS of Ukraine, Honoured Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bondarenko M. F. and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Solovyova K. O.

The relevant scientific school refers to the new information knowledge-oriented area which is thriving abroad and is closely related to the important areas of competitive growth and stable organization (state, human) development, the new class complicated ill-structured quality tasks, information society formation. It is based upon new unique systemological methodology and powerful systemological knowledge-oriented cognitive methods of noospheric stage of scientific development.

The main aspects of scientific work are systemological methods development and application in knowledge management; new deep knowledge classification, systematization and obtaining; ontology engineering; intellectual capital and knowledge economy analyses and development; competitive intelligence (information consolidation), business modeling; organization (human etc.) mission and strategy setting, quality decision making support and other spheres.

Scientific achievements are the new method of systemological classification analyses and natural classification criteria, which allow to obtain new knowledge; to systematize and model profound conceptual knowledge basing upon objects essential (and substantial) properties in an adequate and objective way; to develop ontologies of low-structured subject domains in order to improve knowledge-oriented systems and technologies efficiency, knowledge management, competitive growth and organization, society and human development.

Professor Solovyova K. O. managed many state budget and contractual research scientific works, worked as a contact person in many research scientific projects and now is a scientific adviser for 260-6 research scientific project. She is the scientific adviser for candidates of sciences in specialties 01.05.04 – “System Analyses and Optimal Decision Theory”, 05.13.23 – “Artificial Intelligence Systems and Means” and 05.13.06 – “Automatized Data Management Systems and Progressive Information Technologies” (Voronoy M. F., Nesterenko O. A., Kulybaba V. V.) and for post-graduate students (Frolov M. Y., Lashyna O. M., Danylov A. D. etc.). She has worked as an opponent for doctor’s and candidate’s theses. She has been a scientific adviser for students’ researches and has many joint publications with students (including international ones) and much appreciation for this kind of work at the university.

Publications and patents

Approximately 200 research papers, an individual monograph, textbooks with classification of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and many international publications in the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Russia etc. by Professor Solovyova K.O. have been published.

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