For Entrants

Social Informatics Department  prepares Masters in two specialties “Consolidated Information”, “Social informatics” and Bachelors  of Informatics”.

A new profession and a specialty “Consolidated Information” of the specific categories (only the Master) were for the first time in the CIS discovered as a result of the work of the employees of the Social Informatics Department. This elite profession for the first time in Ukraine was licensed and accredited at our Department. We prepare the professionals in the field of information and informational analysts  which Ukraine needs desperately.

The specialty “Social Informatics” is destined to solve social problems of the society by processing information and knowledge based on the information and communicative technologies. The object of the social informatics is not information technologies but information and knowledge, modeling and use of informational flows in social systems, forming the intellectual capital of an organization, the corporate culture. Therefore in the West the social informatics is referred not to computer sciences, informatics or applied mathematics, but to the new promising direction of information sciences.

Our training corresponds completely to the training at the U Hasselt University (Belgium), therefore in accordance with the agreement a double diploma in the Social Informatics specialty and the second dilpoma in the Consolidated information specialty are planned.

To the specialty 8.18010015 “Consolidated Information” of the specific cathegories of preparation one can enter (the budget and the contract, the first education) after getting any Bachelor degree of any university. 

The entrance exam to the specialty 8.18010015 – “Consolidated Information” consists of three stages:

  • Stage 1 – testing the abilities to the information and analytical activities;
  • Stage 2 – checking the level of skills, abilities and knowledge of information technologies (at the users level);
  • Stage 3 – assessment of the scientific-research level taking into account the estimations of the annex to the bachelors (specialists) diploma.

List of documents for the entrance

  1. Application; 
  2. Bachelor (Master, Specialist) Diploma + 2 copies; 
  3. Medical certificate by the form 086-У (original and certified copy); 
  4. Passport +2 copies; 
  5. Identification code  +2 copies; 
  6. Military ID; 
  7. 7 photos 3*4 cm; 
  8. Digital photo (in electronic form).

ll applicants must pass two exams – in their profile discipline and English.

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