Department of Social Informatics

The SI Department was founded in 2003 and is basic for analysts of consolidated information training in Ukraine. 


Rooms 348-350, 350а

+38 (057) 702-15-91

Solovyova Kateryna Olexandrivna

Head of Department
Solovyova Kateryna Olexandrivna

Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, the Head of the Scientific and Educational Knowledge Management Center.

Main functions

The department prepares masters on a degree 8.18010015 «Consolidated Information», first licensed and accredited in Ukraine namely in this department. It's possible to enter that specialty (budget and contract), after any bachelor of any university.

Upon completion the student receives a profession out of 2433 «Professionals in the field of information and information analysis» (the knowledge engineer or analyst, consultant, director of knowledge management, etc.), a prestigious, sought-after and highly paid.

Scientific direction of the department is to study the problems of knowledge management and competitive intelligence, which are closely related to the areas of system analysis, artificial intelligence and information technology.