Igor V. Naumeyko

Igor V. Naumeyko

+38 (097) 332-97-66


Psychology, yoga, history of religions

Additional info

Date of birth: 11.10.1952


Higher education: Kharkov institute of radio electronics, faculty of the computing engineering after speciality the «applied mathematics», 1974
Career: 1969-1974 are studies in KHIRE, with 1975 – s.s.s., assistant, o.s.s., senior teacher, associate professor of department AM

Scientific work

Theme of dissertation: «Methods and algorithms of analysis of the nonuniform distributed informative systems»
Graduate degree, rank: : с.t.s. on speciality 05.13.01 is technical cybernetics and information theory, 1984 , associate professor KNURE
Read disciplines: «Discrete analysis», «Theory of chances», «Imitation design», «Mathematical packages and integrated environments», «Synergetics», «High-quality theory of the dynamic systems»

Social and international activity

Scientific interests: design of the difficult systems, synergetics

Publications and patents

Amount of reasons – 24, train aids – 10
Basic works:

  1. Критические точки динамической модели системы контроля и защиты от распределенных вредных факторов // Сб. «Математическое моделирование», – 2003. – 10. – С.49–50.
  2. К вопросу о фазовых портретах квазидинамических систем // Вестник ХПИ, 2004.