Vadim A. Dikarev

Doctor of physicist-mathematical sciences, professor
Vadim A. Dikarev

+38 (097) 332-97-66

Additional info

Date of birth: 01.11.1931


Kharkov mountain institute, mountain – building faculty on speciality «surveyor business» in 1960.
1948-1951– is work in geological parties;
1951-1954 – is service in naval forces of the Soviet Union;
1955-1960 – are studies in the Kharkov mountain institute;
1960-1963 – is graduate course а of department of higher mathematics of the Kharkov mountain institute;
1963-1966 – is an assistant of department of mathematical physics of the Kharkov institute of radio electronics;
1966-1974 – is a senior teacher of the Kharkov institute of radio electronics;
1974-1989 – associate professor of the Kharkov institute of radio electronics;
from 1989 there is a professor of department of the applied mathematics of the Kharkov institute of radio electronics.

Scientific work

Theme of dissertation: «Polymodal distributed electrodynamic systems«
Speciality д.ф.-м.н. on speciality 01.04.03– is mathematical physics and radiophysics, 1986 .
Graduate degree, rank: doctor of physicist-mathematical sciences from 1987 ., professor from 1988 ., member of the specialized scientific advice KHNURE. Leader of laboratory of stochastic analysis of economic processes, manages graduate students.
Read disciplines: «Theory of chances and mathematical statistics», «Casual processes», «Higher mathematics», «Linear algebra», «Mathematical analysis», «Differential equalizations», «Equalizations of mathematical physics», «Functional analysis», «Integral equalizations», «Variation calculation», «Methods of mathematical statistics», «Mathematical models of physical processes», «Electrodynamic systems with the up-diffused parameters»

Social and international activity

Scientific interests: theory of functions and functional analysis, mathematical physics, theory of chances and mathematical statistics.

  1. «Development of mathematical methods of the analysis of quickly-changing electrodynamic processes»
  2. «Methods of stabilization and focusing of distributions non-uniform Markov\’s systems»

Publications and patents

Amount of reasons– 167, monographs – 5, textbooks – 2
Basic works:

  1. Интерполяционные теоремы для некоторых классов функциональных пространств // ДАН СССР, 1966.
  2. Метод Ритца в теории обобщенных собственных колебаний // Радиотехника и электроника АН СССР, 1981.
  3. Фокусировка распределений марковских процессов //Доклады национальной академии наук Украины, 1990.
  4. Учебники и задачники по теории вероятностей и математической статистике.