Graduating students

Graduates of our department borrow supervising posts of the known state and commercial organizations. Among them:

Yakovlev Sergey Vsevolodovich

d.p.-m.s., professor, KHNUVD

Panasenko Alex Alexandrovich

d.t.s., professor, academic IAU Ukraine and ZHKA of Russian Federation, SPKB ASU by the water-supply of TPO «Khar’kovkommunpromvod»

Ponomarev George Vladimirovich

с.t.s., academic UNGA, acting director NIPI ASUTRANSGAZ

Emec Oleg Alexandrovich

d.p.-m.s., professor, dir. depar. AM and Mathematical design of the Poltava state technical university c. Poltava

Smelyakov Sergey Vyacheslavovich

d.p.-m.s., professor, colonel, chief of department KHVU

Kravchuk Alexander Georgeevich

с.t.s., Vehicle of European community c.Moscow

Mamut Valery Zinov’evich

d.t.s. Director general of firm «ИНСТРОК ЛТД»

Millers Alexander Feodorovich

с.p.-m.s., professor, deputy directors of the Kharkov regional institute of national academy of state administration at the president of Ukraine

Shevchenko Alexander Nickolaevich

d.p.-m.s., IRE of NAN of Ukraine (presently business trip in the USA)

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