Yevhen S. Sakalo

Assistant Professor at the Informatics Department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Rector's Assistant on educational work.
Yevhen S. Sakalo

+38 (057) 702-14-19

Additional Information

Hobbies - Reading, travelling, debates. 


2007 – graduated from  KhNURE, the School of Computer Science, specialization – Intelligent Decision-Making Systems, qualification – computer systems analyst, Honors Degree.

2007 – Instructor at the System Engineering Department, KhNURE.

2009 – Instructor at the Informatics Department, KhNURE.

2010 – completed his full-time postgraduate studies at KhNURE.

2.03.2011 – Cand. Sc. (Technology).

2011 – Assistant Professor at the Informatics Department.

Educational Work

Teaches the following courses: “Algorithmization and Programming”, “Internet Technology”, “Internet Technology in Business”.

Delivers lectures in “Database and Data Warehouses Organization and Design”, “Object-Oriented Programming”, “System Programming” at the Center of Teaching in a Foreign Language.

Taught the following disciplines: “Numerical Methods in Informatics”, “Architecture of Complex Objects and Systems”.

Scientific Work

Scientific interests – Image Recognition and Image Processing . 

Public and International Activity

Rector’s Assistant on educational work.

Publications and patents

The list of publications includes 11 papers, for example:

  1. Егорова Е.А., Иванов В.И., Сакало Е.С. «Оптимизация процесса обучения самоорганизующейся карты Кохонена на основе фильтра Калмана-Мейн»/// Системы управления, навигации и связи. – Вып. 4(8). – 2008. – К.: ЦНДИНУ стр.52-55. 
  2. Медведь А.Г., Машталир С.В., Сакало Е.С. Матричный алгоритм самообучения карты Кохонена в задачах обработки изображений / »/// Системы управления, навигации и связи. – Вып. 1(9). – 2009. – К.: ЦНДІНУ. – стр. 188-192.